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LeMuna Combines Tech and Style in Eyewear

Glasses are already a part of our everyday life. Couple that with smart capabilities like Bluetooth connectivity, and you get a device that can easily integrate into our daily lives. This makes smart glasses one of the biggest breakthroughs in wearable tech.

LeMuna has recently entered the fray in the smart glasses space and launched a stylish, versatile smart eyewear that has connected functions. Their team of experts made an innovated stylish and versatile smart glasses with some advanced functionalities to make your everyday life more productive and enjoyable.

LeMuns smart eyewear
image: LeMuna

Advertised as comfortable, active smart glasses

LeMuna was specifically designed for people who maintain a busy and active lifestyle, allowing hands-free calls, real-time translation, voice-recording features, and more. These lightweight glasses will let you stay connected whatever you do.

Apart from 15 hours of playback time, it also has a high-quality True Wireless Stereo sound. This allows for clear calls and immersive audio that will keep you aware of the surroundings, ensuring your safety on the go. LeMuna simple and intuitive touch controls let you simply tap to pause and play a song or answer and hang up a call. You can also hold to enable the phone’s voice assistant and make a request while taking care of something else.

Aside from that, LeMuna has easy-changing anti-blue light and UV blocking lenses with IP56 waterproofing. It also allows for gesture control, making it convenient to access. The smart features of these smart glasses were made to let you complete all your daily life outdoor activities in style.

LeMuna is designed to be ergonomic, comfortable, and extremely lightweight with only 45g. It also has a quick-change modular design, and the frames can be easily changed instantly to suit any occasion. Whether it’s for the outdoors or business, you can show off your style with these glasses.

Trouble with Kickstarter

There’s definitely a combination of function and style with LeMuna. Although they have been 100% funded on Kickstarter, they’ve also been suspended allegedly due to them purchasing their own product. It may be due to being unaware of the terms that led them to get suspended. Whatever the case may be, these smart glasses do add variety to the otherwise fairly young market.

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