EyeRide: HUD for Helmets to Keep Your Eyes on the Road


Wearing a helmet is a pre-requisite to ride a motorcycle in most countries. Whether biking is a hobby or just a means of transportation, safety is a top priority while biking. While exploring or traveling to somewhere new, you can use a good navigation system, and using a smartphone is the most popular way at the moment to get around. However, it can be extremely dangerous when you’re looking at your phone while riding.

What if you can get the navigation system on your helmet? EyeLights made a solution for riders to have a better experience without taking their eyes off the road. The company introduced EyeRide, a head-up display (HUD) for helmets to make sure you can have a safer ride on the road.

Innovative innovators’ innovation

Things are becoming smart by technological advancement. If everything can be smart, then why not your helmet? Conversely, it is essential to make sure you can have safety and know your track records at the same time. From that perspective, EyeLights have come up with the idea of EyeRide.

EyeRide EyeLights Smart Helmet Head-Up Display Smart Navigation Safety Technology Woman Wideview

The idea came from two young innovators, CEO Romain Dufolt and CTO Thomas De Saintignon. They improvised the technology to innovate the ordinary helmet to be a smart one. Thus, EyeRide was created.

On the HUD

EyeRide is an innovative solution for any rider. The HUD is compatible with most helmets, providing technology to make it possible for riders to check the maps with its display, see calls using the caller ID, and check songs being played on the user’s phone.

It has a display that integrates the smallest Nano HD OLED technology, combining infinite focus into the helmet’s display to bring a natural effect while looking through it. The display provides you 100% transparency and bright colors so that you never lose focus on the road.

EyeRide can display maps from Apple, Google, or Waze and plans in your line of sight for a concentrated riding experience. You can also use it along with your prescription glasses. The high functioning display ensures that you can have clear vision even behind your helmet’s sun visor without any problem.

EyeRide EyeLights Smart Helmet Head-Up Display Smart Navigation Safety Technology Product Sideview

It also comes with 55mm 99dB flat speakers and a directional microphone to provide a powerful sound and proper connectivity with other riders in unlimited range. Riders will now be able to enjoy music playing from Spotify or YouTube while on the road. The EyeRide is compatible with almost every helmet you find at the market. With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair it with Android or iOS apps.

All-in-one helmet head-up display solution

EyeRide is an all-in-one device with a perfect combination of a HUD, GPS, and hands-free kit as well as voice command so that your concentration never breaks. Your ordinary helmet can be upgraded into the smartest one only in 128 seconds. This complete package includes an optical engine, magnetic mount, sound unit, battery, and charger

All you have to do is mount the optical engine and lock with the magnetic mount into your ordinary helmet. You can then adjust the head-up display’s positioning and connect with your phone. After that, you will be able to launch the voice control with a one-touch, press the button, and give commands according to your preference to your virtual assistant.

Want a similar solution for your car? Check what Phiar has to offer for AR Navigation.

With the EyeRide, you won’t need to check your phone for directions, change a tune, or even know who’s calling you while riding. This will let you have full concentration on the road and reach your desired destination safely. The HUD is up for pre-order, starting at €399.

YouTube: EyeRide – Biker Head-up Display to Focus on the Road

Photo credit: The images used are owned by EyeLights and have been provided for press usage.

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