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We haven’t had a listicle in a long time, especially one that features geeky gadgets, and definitely, we never had a post about gadgets for eating snacks. Why do you need snack gadgets? To be fair, you probably don’t need it, but sometimes cool things are cool, and some might even be convenient to use. Why not indulge in everything sweet and cool in life? Or you can use the products presented as inspiration to find someone a nice gift. Everybody likes to snack something now and then, right?

The big list of snack gadgets for you

Let’s also not be too critical about the term snack here. I hope you don’t mind if I put various products together, some more focused on snacking, others on cooking, and again others maybe on drinking a cool refreshment. Like I said, not each of the following items might be a necessity, but I’m sure you still end up finding some interesting things below.

Snack prison

Do you want to make sure you first finish all your chores before snacking away, or do you want to prevent your roommates from grabbing all your stuff? Lock the goods up. Some food safes might be closed, and some others might be more like a snack cage. The important aspect here is that they can be locked. Here’s an example from SereneLife, which I liked because it’s really big.

Gaming fingers

Need an extra pair of fingers for your snack multitasking as you’re gaming? I’m not judging. Not every game is turn-based, and this gadget also helps to keep the grease and spices off the controller or mouse/keyboard combo, in case you’re playing on PC. Sounds intriguing? Check this product from Double Bread in various colors and designs. It feels a bit like Wolverine cosplay, but what can you do. Snacks are snacks.

Keeping snacks clean and fresh

The Carl Oscar SnackDISC is basically a dish with snacks with various compartments and a disc on top to close it all when you’re not eating. It looks a bit like it’s primarily designed for the little ones but to be honest, I don’t mind keeping the snacks fresh and protecting them from dust and whatever might be happening to the snacks when you’re not around. These might not be pet safe but still interesting. They also have bento boxes and other containers like that, so feel free to browse.

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Foldable plates

The Calzone is a flexible, foldable plate made of silicone which was made to replace the need for disposable plates and plastic bags. This curious design has been made by the Korean company BDCI and can be used in the microwave as well as the freezer.

Calzone is a reusable folding plate made of silicone - Snack Gadgets
Image: BDCI

Watermelon keg tapping

This is just right for hot summer days or a theme party. Get a melon (or pumpkin), scoop out the good stuff and eat it, fill it up with your favorite beverage, and insert the Final Touch watermelon keg tapping kit. If it’s scorching, maybe even add some ice cubes. Either way, this is going to be good.

Never enough s’mores

If you’re a s’mores person, go right for the s’mores maker from Smore To Love. With this little gadget, you can always get your s’mores right and prepare six of those at once. When you’re done preparing, close the “cage” and place it in the oven, grill, or carefully in the fireplace. Never leave the s’mores unwatched because someone else might eat them first. 

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Circular sandwich maker

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Why not make yourself a little sandwich with something more savory like meat or cheese? The Diablo sandwich toaster looks a little odd with the circular sandwich format, but I think it would taste good in any shape. Definitely something curious and good for all sorts of stoves. Find more information and some recipes right on their website.

Snack and close the bag again

True, there are many gadgets out there that can seal your packages again after you opened them. Some bags of chips and other yummy things are just too big for one person to finish them in one sitting, so being able to close them properly makes a lot of sense. The cool thing about the mini bag sealer from IKADEER, in my opinion, is its cool design and the fact that it also has a handy cutter for reopening the sealed bags later on when you’re hungry for more.

Japanese chips fingers

In some regions of the world, it’s part of the chips-munching experience to use the fingers to eat those golden potato treasures, collect the spice and then go “finger-licking good.” Not so in Japan. Some people in Japan prefer eating their chips with this pseudo-finger kind-of-chopsticks gadget, so they don’t get all greasy.

Sunflower seed shell opening machine

Over time everybody develops their own kind of style to open sunflower seeds for snacking. This cute little gadget automates the whole process, however. Just look at its face. Don’t you want to give it some seeds to eat and provide you with stress-free snacking?

Hands-free can carrier and insulator

Need to carry a can but keep it cool in one go? Obviously, when you carry your can around, your hands will warm up your drink over time. Also, sometimes it can be very handy to have your hands free. This gadget is precisely for this occasion. What do you think?

Microwave potato chips maker

This little gadget combines two functions in one device. You can slice potatoes and then use it as a holder for those little crunchies as you “bake” them in the microwave. Would that be tasty? It sure doesn’t sound like it, but only one way to find out.

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Flattened wine bottle service tray

For all the wine lovers out there, and I know there are a few, this should be interesting. This is a serving tray for wine o’clock with cheese and crackers made out of – you guessed it – an actual pressed wine bottle, just a used and flattened one. Recycling is good. Upcycling is better.

Mitten tongs

Maybe not in for snacks but need a gadget for your drinks? Don’t like to grab ice cubes with your fingers and, for some reason, don’t like the boring old ice cube tongs? Here are the mitten tongs, quite cute, if you ask me.

Unbearably cute toast maker

Here’s another from Japan. They do have some of the really good snacking gadgets—a panda bear toast maker. Just apply to a slice of bread, and you get yourself a cute meal to admire and gobble up.

Pizza scissor snack gadget

I’ve been using a rolling pizza slicer for years but, oh, how wrong I was. Clearly, the only way to go is with this pizza scissor. Cut your slices with ultimate precision with this interesting invention. An interesting snack gadget that turned my world around – or maybe will be if I manage to get one like this.

Fail-free egg cracker and separator

Not everybody is an egg-cracking champion. I certainly ain’t, and so I might need to check this product out in detail for more bliss during the egg-cracking and for separating the white from the yolk. This might come in handy.

Unicorn seasoning shaker

This one is for bliss as well. This is the most fitting kind of dispenser for rainbow-colored sprinkles that I have ever seen. How could this have been missed for so long? Of course, sprinkles need to come out of a unicorn seasoning shaker.

The lazy snack gadget for hot dogs

If you really want to go lazy fast, you can use this special hot dog toaster to prepare the hot dog sausage in the same go as the buns. And of course, you can do two at the same time, so share a dog with your friends. Is it any good? The review below isn’t all that positive, but maybe it still has some usefulness?

Multi-function seal and pour tool

I wasn’t sure at first, when I saw this, whether or not this is innovative. People already have a kit with some measuring cups if they want to have one, but then I spotted the actual usefulness of the tool. It’s a multi-function tool, and it seems really nice not with a focus on measuring but for sealing bags and for pouring without stress. Quickly opened, easily closed again. That seems nice.

Hungry yet?

Okay, so after I’ve been checking for snack gadgets from all over the world, I am craving for something salty now. How about you? I hope you found some of the presented gadgets interesting. Below I have also dropped a video for you that focuses on the snacks you could have from around the world. Enjoy your snack time!

YouTube: Trying Exotic Snacks for the FIRST TIME! **mouth-watering** (FaZe Rug)

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Sneha Chekuri.

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