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Download Your Dinner for a Virtual Reality Dining Experience

It’s always interesting to me when technology intersects with the foods we eat. Everyone knows how important it is to put natural foods into our mouths, but at the same time, we love technology to make our daily lives easier. I’ve written about these types of innovations many times, but I’ve never seen one quite like this. It’s called Project Nourished. According the website, it’s “a gastronomical virtual reality experience.”

The act of eating can cause health problems sometimes. For example, I have severe allergies. An allergic reaction to a food can easily put me in the hospital. Some people have overeating challenges, and they are constantly being mindful of their caloric intake. Whatever your food issue might be, wouldn’t it be interesting to download your next meal, print it and then eat it while wearing a virtual reality headset? It sounds more complicated than it really is.

This concept is fascinating to me. According to psfk:

In the near future, we may expect the ability to 3D print foods designed for VR experiences. Project Nourished hopes to offer a menu of downloadable files and refillable cartridges available through online retailers. Those interested in project updates can sign up for email updates on the website.

I’ll give you the short version of how it works. The downloadable, 3D printable foods are made from super healthy ingredients like vegetables, fruits, seeds, seaweed, etc. When you put on the virtual reality headset, you’ll be able to trick your brain into thinking that you’re eating a piece of pizza for example. The truth is, you’ll be eating a mouthful of veggies.

Our perception of food comes from our senses. The team at the Kokiri Lab has been able to recreate a food’s smell, texture and taste in a virtual reality environment.

So far, virtual reality hasn’t taken off like many people thought it would, even though it’s uber cool. Who knows, maybe this is the innovation that will make it popular. If you’d like to read more about the state of virtual reality, I recommend clicking over to this interesting article on The Verge.

Source: adafruit
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