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Perfect Drink: Gadget for Pinpoint Accuracy in Mixology

We all love to go out to town in order to get the drinks that we like, but the reality is that sometimes we just need to get a fancy drink at home in order to lighten the mood, and this is where the Perfect Drink comes into play. This interesting gadget gear provides us with just about everything that we need in order to create our own drinks in the comfort of our home.

Once you open the Perfect Drink package you will be able to find a smart scale that immediately shows you the weight of you drinks, a stainless steel shaker that provides you with a great way to shake the drink until it’s perfect, as well as a tablet stand.

Based on the package content, you can see how the whole thing works. You need to install the free iOS or Android app that comes with the package and there you will be able to find the cocktail recipe. Once you find that, you will be able to see what ingredients are needed. Next, you need to grab the ingredients and pour them in the order that you can see in the recipes, checking the scale to see if you have the right amount. Place the result in the stainless steel shaker and, of course, shake until you reach the final result. Perfect Drink is very easy to use and highly intuitive, and this is what we think it’s the strong selling point, since you just get the package that you just have everything you need integrated in it right from the start.

The features that come with Perfect Drink just show you how impressive the product really is. First of all, there’s no measuring involved, since you just have to place the container on the scale and you have to watch the phone’s screen. It will automatically tell you when the virtual glass fills up, so this is when you need to stop.

Another neat thing is that the book comes with more than 300 different recipes, and each one of them is very easy to learn. But the best part about it, in our opinion, is the fact that you can also add your own, so you can easily enrich your library, especially if you have some mixology knowledge. Speaking of it, the recipe editor is highly intuitive and it works like a charm. We liked the fact that you can add your own photos to it, since it does bring that personal touch that you are looking for in such a product.

Moreover, Perfect Drink comes with a great set of serving sizes, an integrated cabinet that tells you what ingredients you have in storage as well as an overpour helper. The feature set is completed by a timer which is also very useful if you want to shake or stir your drink for a particular time period.

As you can see, Perfect Drink is an astonishing addition for everyone that wants to create their own cocktails. Perfect Drink is quite cheap too, as you can get it between $50 and $70, depending on the retailer you choose. The mobile apps can be downloaded free of charge.

If you like cocktails and want to make your own at home, then don’t hesitate and give Perfect Drink a shot. We liked it quite a lot and we definitely think that it’s worth a shot, especially since it’s that cheap to begin with.

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YouTube: The Perfect Drink by Brookstone

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