5 Tips for Using Technology on a Happy Camping Trip


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Going outside for a camping trip is one of the highlights of the vacation season. Families and friends are driving their way to the woods to spend a couple of nights under the stars, and learning a lot of skills that would help them survive in the wilderness. In the 21st century, technology evolved, and more people could no longer live without technological devices in their hands.

They are using their gadgets to enjoy their camping activities. There are now software programs used for camping trips, like the Aspira campground manager software, which help campers with booking camping sites online. It can make a camping trip memorable. There are also numerous gadgets used by a lot of people today that are helpful and handy if spending their time with nature.

1. Light for the night

One of the most important things to bring when going on a camping trip would be a long-lasting light source. A company invented a flashlight that could last for 30 days in its lowest setting, and at 32 hours in its highest setting. People who are going out of town could use this flashlight for four nights using its highest setting, without experiencing any problems.

This GlowCity LED flashlight can reportedly go for 83 hours runtime

These kinds of lighting materials changed the way camping trips are made, and people have been buying these items for a reliable light source whenever they are going outside to spend their time in the woods. These flashlights also run on three D-sized batteries, so be sure to save a lot of power before heading for a camping trip.

2. Camp speakers for that special vibe

Another fun item brought for a camping trip would be speakers. However, most people own speakers that could short-circuit once it gets contact with water. The good news is that waterproof speakers have been invented, and campers can take these items on their trips without worrying about it getting soaked or experiencing a short circuit due to contact with any liquid.

This gadget is both camping waterbottle and Bluetooth speaker at the same time

These speakers can also produce great sound and music when used, and it is highly recommended for those who wanted to enjoy music while on a camping trip. However, be mindful of nature when using this product, as the loud music inside the woods could distract the animals, or any other campers staying within the area.

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Everybody needs some time off – why not go camping?

3. Extra battery power, even if it’s just for backup

External batteries are also needed by campers, especially those who will be inside the woods for days. Nowadays, power banks have become prevalent, and one could buy them at a very good price. External batteries are used to power devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets that are usually charged using a USB port.

This power bank comes in 4 colors and packs up to 22,000 mAh of portable power

A large power bank stores 20,000 mAh power, which is enough to fully-charge four gadgets in one use. Bringing multiple power banks could ensure device power for days. Another plus from these power banks would be the availability of a flashlight feature that would provide the user with a bright light that could help them traversing the area in the dark.

4. Solar energy can help further

Solar battery chargers are also a viable piece of technology used by a lot of people today. They are used as an alternative for power banks, and they can be recharged using the power from the sun. Some power banks are even designed to be powered by solar energy, to provide the user with an unlimited source of power.

This is a 21 watts foldable solar charging kit for your smartphone

People who have purchased solar battery chargers have a minimal issue with their phone batteries. However, they tend to become problematic once the sun fades, or night falls, as they do not have any means of getting power if the sun is blocked by clouds.

5. Don’t want to bother the others? Go for headphones!

If you are not the type of person who wants to listen to music using loudspeakers, you could use state-of-the-art headphones instead. People who want to listen privately to music use headphones instead of speakers. Headphones are in demand, especially among youth who wanted a little privacy with the things they listen to.

Get comfy headphones or just go for wireless earpieces that connect to your smartphone

Going outside for a camping trip is an enjoyable adventure for family and friends. However, remember to bring the technologies needed to ensure that the vacation will end up happy and fun. Even if you bring the tech only as an emergency backup, that’s still important sometimes.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Yellowstone National Park and the photo in the article body has been taken by David Mulder.
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