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Urbanista Brings You the Solar-Powered Headphone ‘Los Angeles’

Urbanista was founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden, and has made headphones with chic, urban style without breaking the bank. They’ve taken inspiration from cities all over the world and named their headphones as such, like LondonAthens, and Berlin, just to name a few.

Last April, Urbanista has added a new model to its list of city-inspired headphones called Los Angeles. What’s special about these headphones is that it is the company’s first solar-powered headphone device with active noise cancellation.

Urbanista Los Angeles
Image: Urbanista

Listening with solar power

The design and aesthetics of Urbanista’s headphones are centered around cities and the urban lifestyle, and Los Angeles is no different. The headphones embody the company’s goal of “providing the soundtrack for a life in motion” with its capability to charge with solar energy. Just think of it: walking in the city with the headphones on and not worrying about running out of battery because it’s solar-powered.

Urbanista’s Los Angeles headphones are powered by solar cell material, which assures the user of infinite playtime as long as they’re under a light source. This means that the headphones will charge even when indoors due to the material on the headband. Meanwhile, just an hour outside on a sunny day will generate three hours of playtime for the headphones.

Urbanista Los Angeles
Image: Urbanista

To make the Los Angeles headphones come to fruition, the company collaborated with Exeger, which has a patented solar cell material called Powerfoyle. Urbanista CEO Anders Andreen shared that this partnership has brought “innovation, sustainability and all the features you could wish for” with the Los Angeles headphones.

Apart from that, users can take complete control of their audio experience and activate Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) or ambient sound option by touching the panel. The Hybrid ANC mode of the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones will reduce the unnecessary background noise, while the ambient sound mode will let the ambient noise flow in.

The Los Angeles headphones is definitely an interesting product that adds up to the list of innovations that utilizes solar energy beyond the usual panels that we associate it with. The solar-powered headphones are priced at $199. For those who want to stay updated on when to pre-order this, simply sign up and subscribe to Urbanista.


Photo credits: The feature image is symbolic and has been taken by Ross Sneddon. All product images are owned by Urbanista and have been provided for press usage.
Sources: Exeger / Cision

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