Startup Libratone Lets You Pair up to 6 of Their Zipp Speakers


The audio entertainment startup company Libratone was founded in Denmark in 2009. They wanted to redefine wireless speakers concerning sound quality and capabilities.

Under the belief that “great music makes great moments” they developed the Libratone Zipp wireless speakers and the slightly smaller version Libratone Zipp Mini. As, next to the size, they are similar, we will focus on the large version in this review.


Central features of the Libratone Zipp speakers are, of course, usability, portability, and sound quality. The speaker units from Libratone come with options to hang the speakers somewhere as well. So even if you’re outside, you can still manage to put the speaker up anywhere without fearing that someone might damage it by accident.

Libratone Zipp Mini Outside Music Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Quality Power Different Versions Colors Options Best on Amazon Comparison Features Tech Specs

You can link and synchronize up to six speaker units if you have that dough lying around, and create something they call “SoundSpace.” Each speaker emits sound omnidirectionally so you can hear music in 360°, no matter how you place the speaker. Linking six speakers works well for a house, but if you only need great quality sound in a single room, two speakers will also be able to create a nice stereo effect. It’s unlikely that the system will be able to distinguish between a “right” and “left” audio channel though, it will be more like a mono sound from two sound sources.


Libratone Zipp Mini Outside Music Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Quality Power Red Cover Unzipp New Change Price ReviewIt wasn’t easy to track all the technical specification down, but we found this data on a Libratone support site. I found the specs are really satisfying. What do you think?

  • Amp: max. output 97 dB SPL/1 m
  • Woofer: 1 x 4” neodymium
  • Tweeters: 2 x 1″ soft dome neodymium
  • Radiators: 2 x 4″ low-frequency radiators
  • Direction: omnidirectional with a 360-degree reflector
  • Frequency range: 50-20000 Hz
  • Input: Wireless, USB, 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Battery: 14.8V Lithium-Ion, capacity 2400 mAh (approx. 10 hours usage)
  • Height: 10.3″
  • Width: 4.8″
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs

Swap the style

Zipp off the old and zipp on the new cover in a different color in just a few easy steps. I haven’t seen a design modularity like this before amongst any other wireless speakers. New covers cost around $29 for the normal Zipp speaker or the Zipp Mini. Not really cheap but still a lot less money than buying a new set of speakers just because the old design doesn’t match your new interior.


You’d need to compare the Libratone Zipp speakers both to Bluetooth and to WiFI speakers if you want to stay fair. Zipp units have a battery built in, which is not that common among good wireless speakers that support WiFi connections. If you compare it to Bluetooth speakers, you might be surprised that the power in Watts is superior to brands like JBL, UE or even Bose. Watts alone don’t make excellent sound quality, but it can help.

The Zipp speakers support media streaming standards like Apple AirPlay (iOS), DLNA (Android), Spotify Connect, Pandora, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, YouTube, and of course you can cast your own media directly without a third party. It can even recall your favorites, so you don’t always need to start the stream with your smartphone.

Other products by Libratone Speakers

Next to the Zipp speakers, Libratone also offers other products. Here is a quick overview of their audio entertainment portfolio:

  • Zipp Mini speakers (slightly smaller, for slightly less money)
  • Too Bluetooth speakers (compact speakers)
  • One Click Bluetooth speakers (splash-proof and hanging)
  • Q Adapt (noise-canceling Lightning earbuds)
  • Q Adapt (noise-canceling wireless headphones)


There are a lot of thrilled Zipp users out there. Going through Amazon reviews, I had a tough time to find any people who did not love their new speakers. I think the price of $299 is not low but I think it’s fair considering the quality and value of the product. What do you think? Do you have Zipp experiences to share? Do you prefer another speaker? Let us know in the comments below!

YouTube: Wireless Speaker Zipp by Startup Libratone

Photo credit: Libratone

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