10 of the Most Popular TechAcute Articles in 2021


We are close to the end of the year and I thought right now would be a good moment to sit back for a moment and reflect on what happened during the year 2021 and how it has impacted us at TechAcute as a publication as well as us all as people. So which articles were most popular throughout 2021? Are there certain hot topics that were frequently checked in to or any particular stories that received unusually strong feedback? Here’s my overview article from the eyes of a managing editor.

How articles were picked

First I want to say that of course not all articles that are great could be featured in this short list of ten articles. I also want to say that I am not listing down only the posts that simply had the most views of traffic associated with them. This would be a little difficult to display since an evergreen article from January is likely to gather more readers than one that is published in December.

Looking for the 2022 edition?

On the other hand, there are product-specific features and news articles that hit hard when they air and slowly decline as people become aware of the news and the news ceases to be news. I also want to quickly explain that I have decided to list not more than one article per writer, to give as many people as possible a chance to get rediscovered in this overview list for the most popular articles of 2021 on TechAcute.

Subjects that generally received a lot of traction in 2021

In 2021 we could see that the COVID-19 pandemic continued to hit us hard as a society but people have settled for the new normal by now, as good as that was possible. People received their vaccinations and we are continuing to fight the disease. So as part of that happening, we saw a trend for health- and wellbeing-related subjects to soar. Technology that helps people (“tech for good”) and solutions that helped us through our days without getting all too stressed were very popular this year.

Next to that, everything relating to blockchain, most prominently NFT and cryptocurrency content was very popular in 2021. This trend is followed by the thought of how the future of work could look like when companies continued to build out remote teams and possibly invest into the metaverse, considering that to be a place where VR is leveraged to better work together in teams, no matter where people are located physically.

Other than that we saw that online education, or learning in general, is hugely important for people in 2021 and that naturally includes STEM and making sure that all such solutions include just as many girls as boys as they are designed and carried out. Diversity was important always before and keeps on being relevant.

Next to that, not as a surprise, but as a continued matured space, we see gaming and virtual entertainment being hugely relevant, now, more than ever before. Gamers are gonna play. But beyond that, more people who never considered themselves to be a “gamer” started to delve into this type of interactive entertainment pastime and many stuck with it. Some did so proudly and loud, but many others simply started to play games without being outspoken about it and that’s just as fine.

10 of the most popular articles that got published on TechAcute in 2021

You might have scrolled right to this part, so I’ll not keep you. Just as a quick notice I also want to share with you that the list below is not sorted for how popular each article was. There is no ranking here and the order was established by sorting the first names of the authors alphabetically.

Earn Rewards from Your Plastic Waste with TrashCash

Earn Rewards from Your Plastic Waste with TrashCash
Image: OCG Saving The Ocean / Unsplash

Is Cyberpunk 2077 Worth Buying Now? [Review]

Cyberpunk 2077 Key Art Review 2021 Xbox Series X
Image: CD Projekt RED

My PS4 Got Bricked by an Update and Sony Hasn’t Said a Word

My PS4 Got Bricked by an Update and Sony Hasn’t Said a Word
Image: Mayan Sachan / Unsplash

Bitcoin Mining: Is It Still Profitable in 2021?

Bitcoin Mining - Is It Still Profitable in 2021
Image: Pedro Henrique Santos / Unsplash

What’s the Best Online Adult Education Platform in 2021?

What’s the Best Online Adult Education Platform in 2021?
Image: Avel Chuklanov / Unsplash

Liberate: Meditation in a Safe Space

Liberate: Meditation in a Safe Space
Image: madison lavern / Unsplash

MURAL: Efficiently Collaborate with Your Remote Team

MURAL Efficiently Collaborate with Your Remote Team
Image: MURAL

The Growing Concern of Technophobia

The Growing Concern of Technophobia
Image: Sol Vázquez / Adobe Stock

InnoMake: Smart Shoes for the Visually Impaired

InnoMake - Smart Shoes for the Visually Impaired
Image: Tec-Innovation

Art by Physicist Designs Fashionable Tech for Women

Physicist Kitty Yeung Designs Wearable Fashion-Tech
Image: Dr. Kitty Yeung/ Art by Physicist

See you in 2022

Thanks a lot for being a reader. We appreciate it a lot. Yes, you. I mean exactly you. Thank you for reading our articles. The year was certainly a rollercoaster for everyone, yet again, and it might not change all too soon. We will still do our best to identify trends, report the latest news, and share our thoughts and experiences with you as part of our reviews.

Don’t forget that you, as a reader, can also always let us know what you like and what you don’t like. You can either rate our articles with the feature below each post and give us a “helpful” or “not helpful” feedback as easily as clicking a button. If you’re looking for a social media touch and be part of the community you could also always drop us a tweet or join our public Discord server.

A huge “thank you” as well to everyone from the TechAcute team. This goes out to each and every one of you. Even if you’re working backstage, or if you’re editing the writings of others – All of this is only possible because of your great work. Thanks to all of you!

What will the new year bring? Maybe some more ambiguous metaverse news? What else is going to be hot? I’m not sure. We just report and can’t look into the future. Of course we can share our guesses but that’s about it. I wish you all only the best for the coming year. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And thanks for sticking together with us. 🙂

Photo credit: The exact details and photo credits for each article’s feature image can be found within that particular article at the bottom of each article. The feature image of this article has been done by the author.

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