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Art by Physicist Designs Fashionable Tech for Women

Although the market has many innovative e-textile wearables, Dr. Kitty Yeung strongly believes that “product lines are still very outdoor focused and male-centric.” She wants to “challenge the status quo” which is why she created Art by Physicist, a tech-fashion startup that designs smart, sustainable, and fashionable wearables for women.

Dr. Yeung is a Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft Quantum Systems, a PhD graduate in applied physics from Harvard University, and an independent artist. With her expertise in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), she founded Art by Physicist as a design studio to make fashion tech more accessible while inspiring other women and girls.

Art by Physicist
GIF: Art by Physicist via TechAcute

High tech, high fashion couture

Art by Physicist’s latest designs is based on Li River in China and Earth’s starry night themes. This WiFi-enabled line allows you to light up the embedded LEDs in your dress, mask, or t-shirt with the astronomical animations of your choice, whether it’s from Dr. Yeung’s hand-drawn astronomical animation or your own designs. The flexible fabric circuit technology is provided by NovaCentrix. The garments come with washing care and the batteries must be removed. It also has a starry night programmable mask available.

They also offer a line that consists of solar-powered dresses and coats. Art by Physicist worked with Armor Group who made the solar panels which are shaped like a lotus and can be easily worn on top of a dress. The embedded solar panel in the couture dress and coat can also charge up to 30% of your phone’s battery upon five hours of sun exposure or a light source. These coats and dresses are designed with a brush-and-ink painting style. They also have reversible, lightweight solar-powered heated coats with temperature control that are powered by Loomia’s flexible heating textile pads.

Art by Physicist
Image: Art by Physicist

Apart from clothes, Art by Physicist also offers Kitty Flower brooches. Powered by DFRobot, these brooches come in pairs and are Bluetooth-enabled that light up and vibrate as soon as the pair get separated beyond 2 meters. It is a great accessory to have to keep a watch on your children in public spaces. These companion brooches have embedded circuitry that is  3D printed on tulle.

As of this writing, Art by Physicist’s collection is currently up on Kickstarter and fully funded. Pledging at least $168 will get you a Starry Night LED dress and $189 will get you a Constellation LED Shirt. The Guilin Solar-Powered dress is at $268 and the Earth WiFi Programmable dress starts at $399. There are other rewards for pledging with their stretch goals but if you are interested in getting in on any of these pieces, you still have a few hours before it closes.

Art by Physicist
Image: Art by Physicist

Apart from her contribution to the fashion tech industry with Art by Physicist, Dr. Yeung also wants to give back and inspire other women and girls to do the same. For that reason, Art by Physicist will be donating a part of its profits from its Kickstarter campaigns to organizations that support women and girls in STEAM education. On top of that, Dr. Yeung has the open-sourced patterns available with tutorials for anyone interested to learn it.

YouTube: Art by Physicist Kickstarter Launch 


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