Google Launches Online Coding Course to Train Professionals


The IT world is a fast-growing area, and it’s expected to grow more in the next decade. This is faster than the average of all other jobs. As the tech industry is continuously growing, Google wants to prepare workers for their jobs.

For that reason, Google announced that they’re expanding their IT training offering. They introduced a new Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate, a program designed to provide skills in Python, Git and IT automation to professionals in six months.

Take your career to the next level

This program is created to teach you how to do programming with Python, and how to use it to automate common system administration tasks. Moreover, you’re going to learn Git and GitHub, as well as how to troubleshoot and debug complex problems.

A variety of job opportunities

This course will be available on the online education service Coursera. It is a six-course program that will prepare you for a variety of roles in the IT world, such as a Junior Systems Administrator or an IT Support Specialist. According to the site, the program will have the following courses:

  1. Crash Course on Python;
  2. Using Python to Interact with the Operating System;
  3. Introduction to Git and GitHub;
  4. Troubleshooting and Debugging Techniques;
  5. Configuration Management and the Cloud; and
  6. Automating Real-World Tasks with Python

It’s one thing to learn how to do these tasks, but another to practice it. This is why the program will also have the students do a final project at the end. This would simulate problem-solving which will be useful in an actual job environment.

Scholarships and availability

The program is already available on Coursera. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that it will expand to 100 US community colleges by the end of 2020.

Natalie Van Kleef Conley, Product Lead of Grow with Google said that 84 percent of the people who took the Google programs “report a career impact – like getting a raise, finding a new job, or starting a business – within six months”. That’s why Google will fund 2,500 scholarships through nonprofits such as GoodwillMerit AmericaPer Scholas and Upwardly Global. They want to help people to grow their businesses and professional careers through technology.

Those who will complete the program will receive a shareable certificate. More importantly, they will also get access to career resources and an opportunity to share information with potential employers.

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Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Google and has been provided for press usage.
Sources: Google Blog / Natalie Van Kleef Conley (Google Blog) / Coursera / Richard Nieva (CNET) / Rhea Kelly (Campus Technology)

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Simona Boskova
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