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Reactored: Learn Languages the Way That Works For You

A large percentage of the European population speaks at least one foreign language. In some cases, even more than one. According to Eurostat, about 92.1% of Finnish residents between the ages of 25-64 know at least one foreign language. It’s no surprise that the Finnish language learning platform Reactored announced yesterday a conclusion of an investment and co-operation agreement with TAAD tech holdings Oy and Sanako Oy.

The investment amounts to €220k, and co-operation with Sanako, of which Reactored is now a part, is expected to bring many revenue opportunities. As stated by CEO Kari Savolainen, the funding would allow for further development, and the main focus will be on scalability and developing new services for the global market”.

Who Is Reactored?

Founded in 2015, Reactored is a digital language learning platform that allows you to tailor your language skills development to your own pace and learning style. Currently, it offers 16 languages for a one-off annual license fee. The tool is available for both individual use and educational institutions. It works both as a desktop and a mobile solution. No installation is necessary since it’s browser-based.

For schools and teachers, Reactored provides a way to save on costs by making a one-off payment per year for access to all the learning materials. With the help of AI and automation, the solution developers created a platform of resources by teachers, for teachers. The platform allows to create and share exercises, discuss them in a chat, and link exercises to a specific field. It’s also possible to convert the lessons into automatically evaluated exams. Such data-based teaching allows teachers to monitor students’ progress and help to guide them.

Reactored is popular with students, too. Thanks to its completely customizable platform and content, they can tailor their learning to their own needs. The mobile platform, for instance, students practice while on the go. Visual learners can also opt to learn with pictures as hints on the platform.

If they’re struggling with spelling, they can dictate their answers with it too. It can also suggest the answers one letter at a time. The program is able to create thematic content to adapt to the preferred learning method of a student.

What’s Next for Reactored?

The founders believe that there are no hopeless language learners – there’re different language learners. With that in mind, Reactored has already expanded into Vietnam. It also has a network of over 200 representatives worldwide.

The new partnership with Sanako Oy will help accelerate that global presence. We look forward to seeing how Reactored will help language learners and teachers all over the world sooner than you think.

YouTube: This is Reactored language tool

Photo credits: The feature photo has been taken by Anna Earl.
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