Cute Design Meets Useful Features: Meet the EGLOO S4 Camera


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Whether you work hard every day or you were fortunate enough to become a millionaire somehow, we have at least one thing in common – we want to feel safe at home, protect our loved ones, as well as all the nice things we managed to acquire over the years. While millionaires might choose a different approach, I live in a rented flat, and I have no suitable means to integrate a fully loaded security system. Maybe many of you are facing a similar problem as well for the same or other reasons. Smart security home cameras for indoor use can help with security even if you don’t own the place you live in. The EGLOO S4 cam just came out in June earlier this year and is an interesting candidate for this purpose. Let me share some details I found out about this particular solution and how it might be better than other similar products. IoT technology you can get for your smart home.

EGLOO S4 is the cute but useful smart cam

When you’re looking at the EGLOO S4 smart home camera, the first thing you can tell is that it looks a lot cuter with its modern design than most other cameras that are simply built for purpose. Agreed, a cute design doesn’t make your home more secure at all, but it also doesn’t hurt, right? I mean, if you are placing gadgets indoors within the space you live in, you might as well choose a product that you find appealing to look at. At least, this is my perspective on that. Certainly, however, the EGLOO S4 cam is not only just something cute to look at. So let’s check into the features and technical specifications as well.

Woman Controlling Smart Security Camera Using App On Mobile Phone
Image: Truen

The EGLOO S4 delivers full HD video resolution at 1080p with a night mode integrated as well, so you would be able to see things on video even though there is no light switched on at night. The optical lens on the camera enables you to see the video with a 140° wide-angle. Because that doesn’t necessarily cover the whole area, the device is also able to rotate 360° around itself. What’s rather innovative here on the EGLOO S4 camera is that it comes with a built-in temperature as well as humidity sensor as well. This is something I have not yet seen in another product in this particular category.

On top of that, you can also use the EGLOO app so you can keep an eye (and ear) on what’s really going on at your place. This is also what makes the EGLOO S4 an interesting candidate for a video-supported baby phone. Of course, you don’t go out and leave your child at home, but you can keep on checking on your baby in the crib as you go about your chores and don’t need to interrupt your baby’s sleep by entering the room just to have a look. This also works if you don’t have any kids but want a smart cam to check in on your pets. With the two-way audio feature, you can even speak to your furry friends, even if you’re not at home, and make sure everything is fine over there.

Truen Smart Home Security Camera EGLOO S4 - Close
Image: Truen

The installation is as easy as plugging in the power cable and putting in your Wifi details. The system will then register, and as you follow the app’s instructions, you can quickly begin using the EGLOO S4 as a smart indoor security camera. With the help of the motion and sound detectors, you can also receive an alarm instantly on your smartphone that would notify you about something going on at home. As you receive this message, you only have to tap on the alert, and you can instantly begin to connect to the video feed of your cam. If you can’t see anything, just turn the camera around left to right and right to left to make sure nothing suspicious is going on.

Technical specifications

What about the tech specs? Of course we got you covered. We just checked the detailed hardware facts and figures and included them below.

  • Size: 110.3 x ɸ 78.7mm
  • Weight: 200g (w/ bracket 215g)
  • Field of view: 140° wide-angle view
  • Night Vision: IR LEDs, supported up to 32ft
  • Detection: Motion/Sound, real-time push alarm
  • Power: DC 5V/2A USB Type-C
  • Connection: (Wi-Fi) 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (does not support 5GHz network)
  • Storage: Micro SD card ( up to 128GB ) or cloud
  • Features: Temperature/Humidity sensor, smart remote control
Truen Smart Home Security Camera EGLOO S4 - IoT
Image: Truen

Easier to buy than I thought

When I first saw that the EGLOO S4 is actually from a Korean company, I thought that this is certainly good to get a great design with proper hardware parts included. Still, such devices are not always easily imported. But it’s not as challenging as I thought at first. You can easily get the EGLOO S4 on, and they even have a sales event until the end of the year, with which you can save 33% off the regular price. So what do you need to pay for this cute little smart security camera for indoors? As of now, it costs $39.99 on Amazon, and if you compare it with other smart cams, that’s a pretty good offer. Below I have also included a video walkthrough for you which will show you how the features all work on the EGLOO app.

YouTube: EGLOO cam S4 app features and walkthrough

Photo credit: All images are owned by Truen, maker of the EGLOO S4 camera, and were provided with permission to be used here.

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