Ford Wants Your Baby to Sleep Better with the MAX Motor Dreams Smart Crib


Ford_Motor_Company_Logo 500 px news articleIt’s never easy to be a parent, much less if you’re a first-timer. Newborns are one, if not the biggest, of challenges for all those who start a family. The challenge grows drearier when the child proves to be as restless when the night falls, and the baby doesn’t fall asleep. Even though love will keep the parents up and ready in the morning, sometimes these nocturnal trials are simply too much to bear, and help is but a much-needed thing.

A new level of comfort for babies?

How is it possible to help them during these hours of need? It seems that US automaker, Ford, maybe has a solution to help with these challenges. Meet MAX Motor Dreams, Ford’s very own answer to every parent’s nightmares: a crib with automobile-like features.

Taking inspiration from that mysterious, and yet magical moment in where the babies suddenly fall asleep during a nightly drive, Ford’s Spanish division, with the help of Espadaysantacruz Studio and Ogilvy & Mather Madrid, designed a crib that simulates a night ride in the city. Aside from imitating the car’s soothing movement, the crib features a “restrained engine noise” machine and peripheral LED lights that recreate a journey at night.

Ford MAX Motor Dreams Sleeping Baby in Nursery Smart Crib Lights

Not satisfied with only that, Ford also worked on a unique app that allows you to register every movement, sight, and sound during your car’s night ride, which can later be reproduced by your MAX Motor Dreams crib’s internal system. This essentially transforms the crib into a mirror image of your car, which, naturally, your child will become accustomed to, during early stages of life.

Design and concept

The idea, according to Juan Santacruz, CEO and Creative Director of Espadaysantacruz Studio, was originally conceived by Ogilvy & Mather Madrid for Ford, but it was Espadaysantacruz who designed the concept itself. The idea was to replicate as much as possible an image of a car, and for that, the materials were chosen carefully; even though it means to duplicate a car on its sensorial aspect, the child’s comfort was in focus the whole time.

Ford MAX Motor Dreams Smart CribSantacruz told us, “The design of a crib for an automobile brand is a challenge in terms of design, technology, and materials. We first worked on the crib’s design, we wanted it to have the elegance and simplicity of a classic car, yet, wanted the look and feel to be comforting by making use of the right textiles and the wood.

At the same time, we wanted it to be as dynamic as a car. We are also proud of the soft illumination that shines through the fabric, which shapes the crib’s upper perimeter, this has raised some challenges in the wiring and fabrics pattern.”

Minimalism and softness were keywords during this process, both used to convey the whole essence of Ford’s new MAX family line and the small, hyper-sensorial, abstract world of a newborn baby.

Mass production to come?

Although this is not the first crib of its type (indeed, somebody should have thought of the parents’ plight before!), nor it is the first time an automobile brand has addressed this issue, it is certainly different, thanks to its novelty and style. Santacruz has explained that, right now, the studio is working on an improved prototype that, they expect, will be the one to cement the base for the upcoming launch, which has remained dateless so far. No other models have been announced either, and Santacruz explains that this is because the crib is “a unique and special product for Ford’s clients.”

Even though no launch date will be revealed soon, you can participate in a lottery to get one all by yourself, through the official website (in Spanish). If you recently got a child of your own and the nights have become a burden ever since you could try your luck there. It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you are as a parent: no one can deny that some help during these times of need is much appreciated. Your baby will also appreciate it.

The MAX Motor Dreams solution is powered by software from Crowtec and it’s making use of Raspberry Pi, Python, Dynamixel motors.

YouTube: Your Baby Will Love the MAX Motor Dreams Smart Crib from Ford

Photo credit: Ford / Ogilvy & Mather Madrid / Espadaysantacruz Studio
Source: Juan Santacruz (Espadaysantacruz Studio)
Editorial notice: Quotes and information have been translated into English. Changes in tone are possible, yet unintended.

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