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Trello Announces New Features and Brand Overhaul

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Trello, one of the leading collaboration, project management, and kanban SaaS solution providers out there, now announces major updates with new features. In 2017, Atlassian acquired Trello for $425m to complement their software development solution ecosystem, and the new features are targeting to remain competitive to rivals such as Microsoft, Monday, Podio, Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, Zoho, and other suits that included Trello features and added more features on top.

If you’re already a Trello user, you might have been greeted today with a popup notification about new updates coming for you. A more detailed blog post by Trello co-founder Michael Pryor outlined “a whole new Trello” with features to leverage the existing Trello cards and their metadata and provide even more oversight, control, and streamlined processes for managers and team members alike. Next to that, they will also update their brand with a new logo.

What new features can you expect?

Trello will feature new options for viewing what’s going on and not be limited to the kanban board view anymore. As part of that, they will let you leverage a timeline, possibly to be utilized as a Gantt chart alternative for project management, a table view for compact viewing and filtering options, a dashboard to monitor and report performance and card-related data, as well as a calendar view, which should be very useful for event management just as much as social media post scheduling for digital marketers and content creators, but also for publishers to prepare their editorial calendar with goals for stories and other content. These features will be part of the paid enterprise or professional service packages and not part of the service for free-tier users.

Anything good for free users?

Trello announces new card features for all its users. The objective here is again to streamline processes and ensure a single golden source of data. One new feature will be the link cards that can now display an external target with rich media only based on its URL. They support YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox, Stripe, Salesforce, InVision, Google Drive, and since recently also Wikipedia content.

Another new card feature is the board card that allows you to link up direct visual representations of cards that are originally from another board for better cross-functional collaboration. The mirror cards are also announced but not yet available. Mirror cards are said to “allow you to clone one card to appear on multiple boards. This means teammates working across different boards will always have the latest information on a project that affects all of them because an update on the original card will automatically appear on its mirrored cards on the other boards.”

Webinar session for more details

Next to that, they also briefly talk about a new sidebar that aims to improve multi-board navigation and an overall brand update to be fit for the new decade not only technically but also from a marketing and community perspective. If you want to find out more, you can join their webinars about the new features and options on Feb-23 or Feb-25 via Zoom.

As of the time of writing this article, Trello did not yet get back to us around questions we asked, but we will update the article if we receive additional information on this story.

YouTube: Give work a new look with Trello views

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Atlassian and was provided as part of a press kit.
Source: Michael Pryor (Trello blog)

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