A5 Acquires Cloudware Connections, Goes Big With Salesforce Service Expansion


Pleasanton, US, August 20, 2019 — The digital transformation and CRM solution provider A5 announces the acquisition of Cloudware Connections to expand to Canada and to diversify their portfolio. No figures have been publicly disclosed.

A5, a California-based digital business transformation systems implementer for industry-leading platforms, has announced the acquisition of Toronto-based Cloudware Connections, a Canada-based Salesforce consulting partner with 11 years of experience in the CRM software platform, and a long list of successful customer-software relationships to its name.

Although the acquisition was, in part, driven by A5’s eye on the global expansion of its digital transformation business services, Cloudware Connections’ expertise in the development of the Salesforce platform for business applications played an equal, if not more important role.

Improving the service for themselves and their clients

Leveraging Cloudware Connections’ expertise, A5 will expand its industry customer-base in manufacturing, HLS, financial services, and high-tech industries to include healthcare & life sciences, billing, and additional industry customers in financial services. Current customers of A5 will gain access to five-star rated Salesforce AppExchange solutions offered by Cloudware Connections while their customers will gain access to the expanded implementation expertise offered by A5 in all Salesforce Clouds.

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The acquisition is no surprise to market experts, who just one year ago, watched Config Consultants rebrand to A5, change its entire business model, shift its primary focus from systems implementation for Oracle to Salesforce, expand its offerings to include multiple additional online platforms, and subsequently acquire Ramsey Solutions in a move to leverage that company’s Salesforce expertise, strategic positioning on both the east and west coast of the United States in San Francisco and New York, and its five-star rating on the Salesforce AppExchange.


With a focus on the 5 As of digital business transformation—audit, align, advise, attain, assist—the company is clearly aiming to identify and eliminate systemic business inefficiencies one company at a time, whether it is leading companies through a digital transformation, or acquiring and leveraging them.

Leadership opinion

When commenting on the acquisition, A5 CEO, Vinay Kruttiventi stated, “We are investing continually in the growth and expansion of our Salesforce Implementation practice. With Cloudware Connections deeply rooted experience in FinServ & HLS, we can now offer an unmatched depth of industry expertise within the Salesforce Ecosystem.”

From Partners Cloudware Connections, Keith Fox and Mitch Mocle have added, “We are excited to join the A5 family and take the company we have built to the next level.”

This guest article has been prepared by Amy Oliver.

YouTube: CPQ SPYDR by A5


Photo credit: The feature image “Toronto” has been taken by Dan Newman. The acquisition graphic is owned by A5 and was provided for press use.
Source: Press release on PR Newswire

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