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Find Your Essentials Easily With Tile Sticker

It’s annoying whenever you can’t find your stuff right at the moment you need it. Don’t you wish that you can just call it to pinpoint where it is, just like how you try to locate your phone?

Well, Tile took this concept seriously and created a tracker that works just like that. This tracker is made for almost everything. Previously, you needed to keep it somewhere close or hang them around. Now, this upgraded version is a Tile Sticker tracker. All you need to do is stick to anything so you won’t have to lose it ever again.

The tracker that sticks

Last year, Tile launched the new Sticker tracker. It has made a few upgrades with the existing lineup to track devices and it can fit in almost everything. The all-new Sticker tracker is updated with redesigned features. It is a small, button-shaped, waterproof disc and you can stick it onto any surface.

It is only 27mm wide and 7.3mm thick, making it the smallest tracker by far. You can stick the tracker onto anything, from your phones to your bicycle. The adhesive of the Sticker can last up to three to five years. Just make sure to stick it on a clean and flat surface. The 150-feet tracking range also comes with three years of battery life.

Tile Sticker Tracker

Adhesive test

If you are worried about the durability of the adhesive, I tested it out so you won’t need to worry about it. I tried it out and stuck it to my phone. It was glued pretty strong that I could not remove it. I dug my nails and fingers but nothing was budging.

According to Tile, if you want to remove it from the device, you need to pull and push it with your fingers. It felt stiff on my phone that I thought I was going to break it. Luckily, it came off after a few tries without damaging anything, although the tracker left a bit of adhesive residue. Meanwhile, the ample amount of adhesive left on the Sticker was more than enough to stick it to another device.

Pricing Details

Just like any Tile device you have, just install the Tile app on your Android or iOS and activate the tracker. You can also look for it with voice commands using Alexa, Siri, or Google. The loud alarm has a decent range that can be heard within your immediate vicinity.

Tile Sticker Tracker

Use the Tile Sticker tracker on your snowboard, surfing board, or even your swimming goggles. The price is reasonable for the tracker. You can buy the starter pack of 2 Stickers at $39.99, while the pack of 4 Stickers currently comes at $59.99.

Aside from that, Tile has also launched another line from the tracker called Slim that’s perfect for wallets and credit cards. But for everything else, the Tile Sticker is the way to go.

YouTube: Tile | NEW Tile Sticker | The small finder that sticks to anything

Photo credits: The images used are owned by Tile and have been provided for press usage.

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