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Level Up Your Emoji Game with Stipop

Stickers and emojis are widely used to emphasize what we feel. Conversations have been so much fun and playful because of the cute icons that appear at every conversation or chat that we send. Sometimes, messages are misinterpreted the way others read them because of the absence of emotions. But, with the aid of stickers, dull messages will turn out livelier and will give the receiver a better idea of what’s behind each message.

These stickers and emojis are connecting lives and building relationships. One company takes stickers to the next level. Meet Stipop, a sticker API and SDK service that provides stickers for app developers.


One feature of Stipop is that they have a huge database of stickers. All the stickers in their library come with tags that describe actions, emotions, and situations that make what you need easy to find. They also have seasonal stickers for everyone’s favorite holidays. You have a lot of stickers to choose from because it has a feed of favorite stickers or a mini library of stickers.

Stipop also supports 20 plus languages in which users are provided stickers by artists according to their location automatically. The company also provides their still and animated stickers for free, along with weekly updates. That means this service has a lot of choices to offer. You won’t get tired of having the same sticker over and over again.

The service can be integrated into any app with minimum requirements. Its application is available to all, from small start-ups to large enterprises. Stipop’s clientele includes Microsoft Teams, Bare Tree, and Google just to name a few. The company is proving to be a very convenient and versatile service. Their stickers can be integrated on social platforms, dating sites, collaboration tools, and more. To get started, simply sign up and register whether you’re a developer or not.

YouTube: Stipop – World’s largest library of stickers for messages, videos, and profile interfaces.

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