WaveWrecker Turns Your Body into a Surfboard


If there’s one activity that you will certainly enjoy during your vacation that would certainly be bodysurfing. This is interesting, a lot more different to other activities and it enables you to get closer and closer to nature unlike never before. It’s one of those things that pay off immensely as long as you have the proper gear. That’s where the WaveWrecker comes into play.

This is a gear that was designed specifically for body surfing. It’s basically a suit that was designed in order to help you go through waves faster and easier. It’s also designed to offer you a very good value and quality without actually having to invest a lot of money as well. It can be used by children as well, something that does show the great immersion and quality that you can obtain from this type of product.

Thanks to WaveWrecker you will be able streamline waves and you will have the ability of doing that pretty much like a torpedo. It’s a very interesting approach for sure and one that will help you quite a bit in the long run.

The product is suitable for beginners but it also works great for experienced shredders. It enables you to stay in water for a longer period of time and the overall performance is improved as well. That on its own helps provide an extensive value and the entire experience will be worth it.


One of the things you need to note about this suit is the fact that it’s very efficient. It’s created with great professionalism and value in mind but at the same time it isn’t heavy at all. Instead, it’s pretty easy to use and it will basically let you flow through waves at a very rapid pace. That, combined with the extra safety features like the fins you can find on it make it one of the best options for body surfers. Obviously you do need to keep in mind that you have to go through an extensive training before you become a body surfer.

Interview by Christopher Isak with Mike Van Nostram, Vice President of WaveWrecker

Chris: “How did you start? What gave you the idea to do this?”

Mike: “Nick our founder came up with this idea about 6 years ago while swimming with his son in the backyard pool. He was wading in the pool and took two pool noodles and put them under his arms.

It hit Nick, that if he could have this maneuverability in the water he could really do something different while in the ocean being a avid body surfer. Over the next 6 years Nick tried many different designs and concepts until he found the right materials, the correct fin locations and the correct flexibility needed to allow you to become one with the water while being extremely buoyant.”

Chris: “Is the device safe to use? Have you thought of integrating other products into the suite, like the Kingii Wearable?”

Mike: “This device is extremely safe for people of all ages. This suit allows you to be buoyant floating without any energy what so-ever giving the average swimmer the ability to enjoy and body of water while feeling safe in this suit. We have many other product designs that are in testing mode currently.”

Chris: “Can you describe the feeling of riding the waves with your body?”

Mike: “Wearing this suit will change the way you think about doing anything in the water. The suit turns you into a wave riding mammal. You are buoyant which get you up on top of the water like you are on a board, but now you are the board.

You feel as if you are a seal riding thru the face of the waves, with the fins on the suit you cut left and right at ease with complete control, there is nothing like this suit….just add the water.”


Even if it sounds fun, it’s a lot of work to do this sport and you do need to think about that when you choose to do the sport and use the WaveWrecker. If you do use it, you will have a great time and enjoy a very good experience!

At less than $300 for adults and a little over $220 for kids, the WaveWrecker is a very good investment if you want to check out this sport or even become a pro at it. Again, a good training is necessary but it will definitely be worth it so you should totally consider trying this out for sure!

YouTube: How to Bodysurf with the WaveWrecker Suit

Photo credit: WaveWrecker
Source: Hillary Manalac, Mike Van Nostram (WaveWrecker)

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