Lost Something? Better Use the Tile Gen 2 Bluetooth Tracker!


tile logoAre you regularly looking for items and can’t remember where you left them? The little ones are having fun hiding the remote control or keys? Devices are hidden in the jungle of bags and you just can’t find it anymore?

For these and similar cases the Tile Inc has developed their smart tracking device that, which works via app on Android and iOS. The Tiles are small little, well.. tiles, which you can stick on your valuables or attach them via key chain.

After a successful release of the first generation of the Tile, they are now shipping the second generation of the smart tracking device. If the first paragraph sounded familiar to you in any way, you should definitely consider checking these out. They might save you a lot of time and maybe even some bucks.

What does a Tile do?

You register the Tile to your smartphone app and attach it to a valuable of yours, that you want to track. If you have misplaced it and can’t find it anymore, you can sound an alarm and will hear the noise coming from the device. If you seriously misplaced it, you can even track it from up to 100 ft. apart. The app is neat and nicely designed and you won’t have a problem to use it, no matter how techie you are.

Changes in the second generation

Based on the feedback the Tile developers received from the first generation users, they have worked on the most frequently addressed recommendations. They have worked on an improved “find my phone” feature and the alarm speaker is not three times as loud with an effective output of 90 decibels.

Energy consumption

The device has no maintenance requirements. You will not need to charge it and you won’t need to pay any attention to it, when you’re not using it. The battery inside the Tile has capacity to run for one year and once this is about to be depleted, you will receive an email notification with the required steps you need to undertake in order to “re-tile”.

Tile Examples Smart Bluetooth Tracker App Noise Alarm

Can Tile be used to track lost pets?

Not really. The effective working range of the device is about 100 ft., so you might be able to find a strolling cat hiding in the garden, but anything beyond that might be difficult. For such cases I would recommend a GPS pet tracker, such as these. They start at $20 and go up based on reliability, design and included features.

How about wandering elders?

In no way would I want to compare wandering elders with lost pets, but similar to the case above I’d also recommend to go for a GPS based solution if you are going for long distance tracking.

Is Bluetooth even healthy?

Difficult! Neither Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, nor any other wireless signal has a long-term case study to it, which would sign it off as harm to health or to be totally unhazardous. What I can say is that it’s almost impossible to stay away from these signals nowadays, if you’re not a hermit in the mountains or in the desert. Do the research and decide for yourself.

Looking for something else?

Based on your actual requirements one or more of the following alternative items could also be a fit for you. Check them out if you are looking for competitive products with more or less similar features.

Pricing of the Tiles

The tile devices are available in the following bundles:

  • 1- Pack for $24.99 
  • 4- Pack for $69.95 
  • 8- Pack for $130.00 
  • 12- Pack for $179.99 

They are not cheap but considering a single Tile can already save you a lot of money and trouble, it is likely to be considered a good investment. It’s also very sophisticated technology that runs on a great service. This is not your average key-finder beeping device and I don’t see why it should be priced like one either.

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YouTube: Try Tile – Wireless Key Finder and Wallet Tracker Phone App

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