TECNO Reveals the Spark 7 Pro: Engineered for Gen-Z


We’re all familiar with the well-known giants of consumer technology: Apple, Google, Samsung, and a few others, all slugging it out in the brutal arena of popular culture and public opinion, vying for the love and attention of the masses. However, for those who want to follow the trends without following the crowd, there’s the TECNO Spark 7 Pro, which was released April 26th: a new smartphone designed specifically with young buyers in mind.

A modern phone for the modern buyer

China-based TECNO, a self-proclaimed “global premium mobile brand” that was established in 2006, was made partially to cater to the digital desires of Gen-Z, people born between 1997 and 2012, according to Wikipedia. This phone, which according to TECNO will be “welcomed in the global market soon,” boasts a “captivating” display, superb performance, and a “dynamic 48MP Clear Triple Camera.”

Spark 7 Pro Smile Snapshot
The Spark 7 Pro’s “Smile Snapshot” function, which uses AI to detect smiles. (Image: TECNO)

Never miss out on the perfect shot

This camera, the pièce de résistance of this device, “will enable the new breed of (innovative) youth to capture every minute detail of their busy lives through acute technological advances ensuring no occasion goes amiss, be that day or night,” according to TECNO. It can brighten dark environments, adjust backgrounds via blurring, and enable users to “bring out (their) inner cinematographer and shoot films like professionals” with an array of photo and video editing software built right into the phone. However, even more, impressive than these features is the Spark 7 Pro’s “Smile Snapshot” function. Using AI, the camera focuses on the face and takes a photo when it sees a smile. Designed to help people capture a little bit of time right when it happens, a “fleeting moment that’s gone in a flash,” this camera will allow users to take the best photos possible. “You will never miss out on the perfect shot.” wrote TECNO.

But wait, there’s more! This smartphone also sports a “smooth, snappy, and refreshing experience” with a 6.6-inch edge-to-edge display, a long-lasting battery that promises to retain power for 14 days, and a variety of software features such as video assistant and dark theme, all built on the Android 11 system: made for the gamers, the Instagrammers, and the average phone users alike. This comes along with quick loading at twice the speed of its former generation, sharp images, and smooth video that’s powered by a 950MHz graphics card and a Helio G80 Octa-Core processor, according to TECNO.

TECNO The Spark 7 Pro Helio G80 Processor
The Spark 7 Pro’s Helio G80 Processor (Image: TECNO)

TECNO’s Promise

The Spark 7 Pro that’s seemingly engineered for the newest generation is not an anomaly in TECNO’s lineup. It seems to be part of its company mission. “TECNO is always bearing the young generation’s demands in mind to provide them the best of contemporary technologies in artistic designs and elegant taste,” said General Manager of TECNO Mobile Stephen Ha. “With popularity in over 60 markets, TECNO showcases its mastery of serving the youth-generation consumers…and inspires them to never stop pursuing excellence.”

In the near oligopoly that is the cell phone market, it is certainly quite refreshing to learn about a new player, especially one with such a unique purpose. While it was not explicitly mentioned, the TECNO Spark 7 Pro is expected to be available to customers relatively soon, making good on its “promise to Gen-Z.”

As of now, we have no information on the cost of the phone yet but we will update the article if that changes.

YouTube: Meet TECNO SPARK 7 Series

Photo credit: The images used are owned by TECNO and have been provided for press usage.
Source: TECNO press release

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Nick Bozzelli-Levine
Nick Bozzelli-Levine
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