Creating Simple Videos in Your Browser with FlexClip


Creating and editing videos is time-consuming, as it requires adequate software. The good thing is there are solutions like FlexClip that can become an alternative to heavy and paid software.

So what about this free online tool for creating and editing videos?

To use FlexClip, you only need to visit their website. There is no need to install software or anything like that. Everything is done via your browser alone.

What exactly does FlexClip offer?

Via this tool, you can create videos or edit them, add media such as photos or videos, add text via an editor or add music. All via a simplified interface that opens the video edition to beginners.

If however, you have no video to rework or on which to edit, you will have via this free tool, the ability to use photos and video that you will find in libraries with classification by themes (tech, nature, and others). The same is true if you want to use background music for your video or animation.

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The video editing will be proposed in a relatively simple way with a Storyboard composed of slides that are reminiscent of the PowerPoint tool of the Office suite. Currently you can only trim videos within one minute to the storyboard, and the whole duration of your export should be less than five minutes. Maybe because FlexClip is free to use now and in the future, the timing would be expanded with an enhanced version.

FlexClip Free Video Maker Screenshot 1

As for the text, you will discover a simplified editor with effects that I recommend you to test. This publisher is also quite close to those that can be found in online publishers like Canva.

Exporting options and limitations

Finally, you will be able at any time to have an overview of your slide or your complete video and to modify your work if it does not suit you. Once your work is finished, you can export it via the tab at the top left “Export Video.” You will have the choice among three levels of quality: 480p, 720p, and 1080p. When you have made your choice, it will take time for the tool to encode your work.

FlexClip Free Video Maker Screenshot 2

Once your video is exported, it will be saved in mp4 format. Then you can send it to a platform such as Youtube. As of now, this tool is entirely free and requires only a very traditional registration to be used. So, of course, the tool does not allow to do as hard work as with most of the leading paid products already known so far. However, for a job on the go to be done quickly, like to create a small animation or slideshow, this free tool is perfect.

It should be noted that even if the tool is free, it will not leave you a watermark on your videos. However, you can integrate your own watermark if you wish. Try it out now. 😉

This guest article was prepared by Sophia from PearlMountain Limited, owner and developer of the FlexClip solution.

Photo credit: The feature image “the shot” was done by Jakob Owens. The screenshots are owned by PearlMountain.

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Guest Author
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