Colorful Photo Opportunities for Instagrammers and Other Trends


Are you one of those, who are continuously searching for new Instagram material? Arranging photos to a perfectly themed feed is a challenge, but many things today are working to your advantage.

Museums, art, exhibition, and fashion all around the world use Instagram to get their message through and leave you with a meaningful and engaging photo.

Stand in line for a new museum trend

Walls painted in bright pink, ice cream cones fixed like lights, sprinkle pool just to take your breath away… No, it is not anybody’s fantasy or imagined paradise, but literally ice cream turned into rooms.

The Museum of Ice Cream in New York continuously attracts everyone with the desire for a perfect Instagram feed. You can leave with a year’s worth of colorful material.

According to Wired, “instagrammable” exhibitions around the world have changed the way how we visit museums and those that pop with colors have an advantage.  Sure, we take selfies and tons of photos, but things are changing, and that is the way for art to make the trough.

The Museum of Ice cream is now trending with more than 6,000 images with the #museumoficecream hashtag. More than 241,000 people follow their Instagram feed, and countless more have posted their own photos from within the exhibition space.

Instagrammable rooms are on their way

San Francisco kicks with its space filled with giant cherries and marshmallow clouds;  LA gets into the race with a room with strings of pink and yellow bananas strewn from the ceiling. How not to take a photo and simply enjoy the beauty of it?

Why not enjoy art and leave it on your feed?

Near the Museum of Ice Cream, you can find the Color Factory, a huge 12,000-square foot space with every corner photogenic!

Rainbow color splashes, pastel enjoyment, confetti, ice cream cones, a cotton ball that pops in colors – how not to jump and play? Yes, it can have huge Instagram potential, but it is quite a thrill just looking at those vibrant colors.

Who wouldn’t like a splash of happiness in all those colors? Do you have something similar near you? Don’t leave us left out, we would like to see it.

Further reading:

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Photo credit: Pinguino
Source: Arielle Pardes (Wired)

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Natasha Saru
Natasha Saru
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