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Your take-away Smartphone Charger

It’s 5 pm, you notice your smartphone is on low-bat mode and even though you are around a computer you don’t have a cable on you for charging it up. Who does not know this problem?

The company crowd-funded Nomad has developed two smart solutions for this. One is the credit card sized CHARGECARD, which easily fits into any wallet. The other one is the key chain charm CHARGEKEY that gets to stay with your other keys in your pocket – both are made in California, USA.


Both of these versions are available with a micro-USB or with an iPhone Lightning connector. While the iPhone version is obviously dedicated to charge iPhones, the micro-USB version allows you to charge Android, Windows smartphones or any device that supports to be charged up by a computer via micro-USB.

These little gadgets are smart, nicely designed and can really always be tagging along without taking up unnecessary space. If your bag is flowing over with cables, adapters and batteries for your power user needs, this smartphone charger might be a nice solution for you.

You can buy these little lifesavers either on the Nomad webpage or on Amazon for the same price of 29 USD. If you have questions or want to reach out to the Nomad team feel free to reach out to their Twitter account . They are very kind and responsive.


I really like the concept of crowd-funding companies. It allows great ideas to be cultivated into a professional stage with the power of many normal people, who just believe in the solution. I really wish all the best to these Nomads and hope to hear more from them in the near and far future.

You dig the idea of a nicely design and small smartphone charger? Want to share your thoughts on this? I am looking forward to hear your thoughts. Just add your comments below.

Great video review by Taylor Allen of Stubble Tech:

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