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Reshaping the Smartphone with Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE

Heard about the circle-shaped Cyrcle smartphone yet? Every year, tech companies churn out several smartphone models for people to choose from. In turn, people continuously search for the latest, shiniest, top-of-the-line gadget they can get their hands on to keep themselves updated with tech. 

Apart from its speed, functionality, and style, people choose their phones for innovation and creativity. This is where dTOOR comes in to think outside the box — or in this case, the rectangle — with the Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE

Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE
Image: dTOOR

The Cyrcle Phone is not in for squares

Just as the name suggests, the Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE is not your normal rectangular smartphone. The phone takes on a circular shape, making it a visually unique and eye-catching phone from the get-go. 

Aside from its shape, one other feature that differentiates the Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE from popular smartphones out there is that it has dual headphone jacks. While every smartphone is going wireless, it opts to offer this to promote “meaningful connections” and let you share media without needing any other kind of wireless connection. 

Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE
Image: dTOOR

What’s interesting about this phone is its Freeform mode. In this mode, you can easily resize apps to fit even the entire screen, a function that’s useful for videos and images. Since it is also open-sourced, the Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE allows for a refined look within the round display of the phone.

Apart from all of these, this Android 10 enabled phone has two USB ports: a USB type C 3.0 and a USB Micro B 2.0. It also has two 13MP front and back cameras as well as a microSD port for extra storage. The Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE also supports two SIM card slots. One more important detail about this phone is that it is made of recyclable and biodegradable enclosure components, making it an environmentally friendly gadget. 

While most of us are used to the normal, rectangular-shaped phones that we have, the Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE definitely changes things up visually with its unique shape. Currently, it’s available on Kickstarter for $699 and the campaign will be up for 22 more days.

YouTube: The Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE: How apps work within the round display

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Source: Kickstarter

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