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Shed Light on Your Connections Better with Sunshine Contacts

Every end is an opportunity to begin a new chapter. For Marissa Mayer, her journey as Yahoo’s former CEO began her partnership with a familiar colleague, Enrique Muñoz Torres who was previously the SVP of Search and Advertising. This partnership brought about the founding of Sunshine Contacts.

Sunshine ContactsWith Sunshine Contacts, they created the namesake app that helps its users to properly label and organize their contacts. This helps enhance outdated and messy lists so that it can be readily shared with others.

Glow up for your contacts list

The Sunshine Contacts app fuses contacts from various contacts apps, including Gmail and LinkedIn, and pulls all publicly shared information. It then fills in and organize your contacts’ details and even delete duplicate entries using AI technology.

Sunshine Contacts can sync into a user’s normal contacts app and update it whenever applicable. With the use of intelligent algorithms, the app can automate daily tasks so users would have more free time to do other things that matter. It also helps manage personal relationships by sending out reminders of special life events like anniversaries and birthdays.

Sunshine Contacts

It’s also great to note that users don’t need to worry about privacy issues. With Sunshine Contacts, users can be certain that personal information will not be shared with any third-party. Users have full control over who to connect with and which information they want to share. What’s even better is that there are no ads when using this app.

Let the Sunshine in

Although Sunshine Contacts is not the first application catering to contact management, there’s no harm in trying it out, especially since it’s free. For now, it works on an invite-only system for iPhone users in the US with iOS 11 and later versions. This helps the company closely manage and support its users.

Sunshine Contacts aims to produce programs that could help in scheduling and group communications in the future. They’re also aiming to expand internationally, which is something to look forward to. The future is definitely shining bright for Sunshine Contacts.

If you’re interested, you may enter your contact number on the website and download the app to request an invite. Usually, it would only take a few minutes to gain access, but due to the current high demand, some might take a few weeks.

YouTube: Sunshine Contacts Preview

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