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About: Marissa Mayer


Marissa Mayer is one of the key leaders in technology today. After being the 20th employee of Google, she spent 13 years at the search and technology giant. She is currently President and CEO of Yahoo!.

Quick Biography

  • 1975: Birth (Wausau, Wisconsin)
  • 1993: High School Graduation (Wausau West High School)
  • 1993: Selected delegate for National Youth Science Camp
  • 1997: Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Systems (Stanford University)
  • 1999: Master of Science in Computer Science (Stanford University)
  • 1999: Software Engineer at Google
  • 2001: Product Manager at Google
  • 2003: Director at Google
  • 2005: Vice President at Google
  • 2009: Marrying Zachary Bogue
  • 2012: Board of Directors at Walmart
  • 2012: President and CEO of Yahoo!
  • 2012: Gave birth to a baby boy, named Macallister
  • 2013: #8 in “America’s most Powerful Businesswomen” on Fortune magazine

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