Klik Wearables for Connected Events Focus on Human Interaction


Event management can sometimes be very complicated, and on top of that, event participants often find themselves staring at their screens instead of giving their attention to speakers, other attendees, and event activities, missing out on a lot of opportunities. PixMob brings you Klik wearables, a perfect solution that allows participants in connected events to become and remain connected with each other and with the event itself.

What is Klik?

First of all, you need to understand what Klik is. Dubbed by its creators as “the new like,” Klik is an all-in-one engagement platform for event planning and implementation that enables the exchange of contact information, registration of participants, scheduling of events, and more. You can also integrate Klik with other apps and solutions. Just create your profile and your good to go and mingle with your colleagues and other event participants.

The platform makes the processes of pairing the participants and check-in easier and quicker. Klik wearables allow you to click to exchange contact information with other participants, optimize networking, and access all new contacts in one place.


Klik’s creators also had in mind the event venue. You can thus click with a touchpoint to incentivize booth interactions and receive digital content connected to a specific venue where you spend time.

As for content, Klik gadgets can be used for accessing relevant e-documents, helping you remain focused on the present, as well as retrieving the presenter’s notes.

If you thought that’s all there is, you’re very wrong. With Klik wearables, you can even gamify your event, promote networking, encourage participants to engage in a specific behavior, and contribute to discussions and presentations. Content can be made interactive to motivate participants to explore the venue and communicate with exhibitors.

The gadgets

There are currently three handy Klik products you can wear everywhere you go: the wristband, the badge, and the button. The Wristband comes with a round white clickable waterproof button with a long-lasting battery and light-show capabilities powered by three premium LEDs.

The Badge looks just like any badge you can see participants sporting at events, but it is not just any regular badge. In addition to displaying participant credentials, it also connects participants to the Klik platform. Just like the Wristband, the Badge also comes with three LEDs for visual feedback, and you will also receive a printer for making your own custom stickers.

Registration and pairing

Last, but not the least important, is the Button. Simply clip it to your conference lanyard and credentials and click it to exchange contacts and perform other Klik interactions. The Button operates via Bluetooth and you can also use it to show off your logo. It is also equipped with three premium LEDs with light-show functions and a long-lasting battery.

The app

You can access the list of your contacts, event venues, schedules, and other event information via the Klik app. The Klik Control Panel is where organizers can perform event-related tasks such as participant registration, event management, and more.

According to Klik’s Facebook page, their immense success was reflected in May 2018, when over 66,853 connections were made over the course of the final day at C2 Montreal.

If you want to test out the platform and wearables for your event, just contact the company via the form on their website and they’ll give you all the necessary details.

The vendor did not provide the starting price or any other pricing details, but you can get this information by contacting the company.

YouTube: The UK launch of Klik

Photo credit: All materials shown has been provided by and is owned by Klik / PixMob.

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