What Does the New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Offer?


samsung-group-logo-large-high-resolutionSeoul, South Korea, March 31 — Different companies of smartphones are looking for more ways to adhere to the growing need for productivity and advancement. After the red iPhone 7, Samsung now is creating a name with its newest major smartphone—the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung returns to mobile

After the great commotion of Samsung devices going up in flames, it seems like with the Galaxy S8, Samsung is slowly redeeming itself. What you must know now is that Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch screen with a 570 PPI (pixels per inch), while S8 plus has an enormous 6.2-inch display with 529 PPI Their screens have a Quad HD definition contrasting to iPhone which only has a 1080P definition.

Features in comparison

Unlike its main competitors which are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8 offers a variety of impressive features that could appeal to consumers. Examples of which are: its water resistance and a good screen-to-body ratio (18:5:9), as compared to the most smartphones which have a 16:9 aspect ratio, this only explains that its screen is way taller than many smartphones but not that broader.

Moreover, it has beautifully curved edges, an iris and face recognition which lets the owner of the phone take a selfie and allow the phone do the recognizing. However, instead of finding the fingerprint sensor in front of the phone, you can find it at the back, just beside the camera lens.

And wait, there’ more, Siri now meets its rival, Bixby, you just take a photo of an item and the software installed on the phone gives you myriad information about it. Similar to what the Google Assistant does on the Pixel phones.

Features in a nutshell

Samsung puts out eight features in their most recent marketing efforts for their new flagship smartphone. Here’s what they are proud of:

In addition to all that, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to charge way faster than iPhone. Now, is it a yay or nay?

Leadership insight

DJ_Koh-Samsung-Mobile“The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ usher in a new era of smartphone design and fantastic new services, opening up new ways to experience the world,” said DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are our testament to regaining your trust by redefining what’s possible in safety and marks a new milestone in Samsung’s smartphone legacy.”

On a cybersecurity notice…

On April 3, 2017, Kim Zetter reports, in a Motherboard (Vice) article, about “40 unknown zero-day vulnerabilities in Tizen, the operating system that runs on millions of Samsung products”. It’s currently not clear whether or not the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be affected by that, but we are hoping for these issues to get ironed out soon.

YouTube: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: Official Introduction

Photo credit: Samsung
Source: Samsung Mobile

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