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Samsung Exynos’ IoT Solution Lineup [Infographic]

The world of IoT comes with a special set of demand and requirements to solution sellers but also to manufacturers of semiconductors and other parts that make the system work nicely.

Samsung has listened to the feedback that their received from customers and partners and is now showcasing their latest set of IoT enabling units. They made sure that the new products are compact but also provide computing power and energy efficiency. It’s also interesting to see that they account for various connectivity protocols including standards such as Zigbee, which is frequently used in smart home lighting installations.

Exynos IoT solution overview

As part of their latest press release they state, “the Exynos i T100 enhances the security and reliability of devices designed for short-range communications and has been developed to be used in smart home or business environment ecosystems – from smart lighting and temperature control to home security and monitoring and fire and gas detectors. Created with multiple communication protocols, strong security capabilities and an integrated processor and memory chip package, the Exynos i T100, along with the Exynos i T200 and Exynos i S111, provides comprehensive connectivity for today’s IoT devices.”

Infographic: Samsung’s Full Range of Secure and Reliable IoT Semiconductor Solutions

Samsung-Exynos-IoT-Solution-Full-lineup_FF-ExynosExynos i S111Exynos i T100Exynos i T200Internet of ThingsIoTSamsung ExynosSamsung Semiconductor Solutions
Samsung IoT Chip Comparison Exynos i T100, Exynos i S111, and Exynos i T200
Photo credit: The feature image and the infographic is owned by Samsung and has been made available for press usage.
Source: Samsung press release

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