RoboUP T1000: The Lawnmower Robot Turning Heads, One Row at a Time [Review]


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Looking for a RoboUP T1000 review and test? You came to the right place. Sometimes it’s fun do to gardening but you have to be in the mood and need enough energy to do it. Repetitive tasks that just have to be done, like lawnmowing are not only boring after a while but also difficult to complete, in case you’re already a senior and deserve to look at how a robot is doing the job instead but those are not always perfect. If you’ve ever sighed at the sight of a robot lawnmower’s haphazard zig-zag across a lawn, we’ve got news for you – and it’s good. Enter the RoboUP T1000 from the TM01 series. This new robot mower doesn’t just keep your grass trimmed, it does so with a great sense of order and style.

RoboUP T1000 Robot Lawn Mower Unboxing
Image: Christopher Isak, TechAcute

We got lucky and were able to do a long-term test and review of the RoboUP T1000 robot lawn mower. What does that mean? We did not just watch an online video and write an article or read a website about it but actually got a sample unit, unboxed it, installed it in a yard, and had it operate for several weeks to figure out how well it works or discover the strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to RoboUP for that.

RoboUP T1000 Review: A new sheriff in lawn-mowing-robot town?

RoboUP might be a new brand that just came around the corner with their product but they don’t disappoint in my opinion. The parts look and feel sturdy and having experience with brands like Husqvarna, which have held sway in the robotic lawn mower market, the RoboUP T1000 is carving out its own niche. Its secret weapons?

RoboUP T1000 Robot Lawn Mower Side View
Image: Christopher Isak, TechAcute

Two things are major for me. One – Mowing in neat, organized rows. The result is a lawn that could easily grace a golf course or football field. Two – Not needing a loop wire to define a working area for the lawn mowing robot. So you don’t need to set up a perimeter or pay someone to do that for you, resulting in more flexibility as well.

Power meets precision

Don’t be fooled by its stylish exterior; the T1000 means business. Its battery life of around 50 minutes and a recharge time of approximately 45 minutes mean minimal downtime. It can handle uneven terrains and slopes up to 26% and allows adjustable cutting heights from 30-60mm. With one charge it can handle roughly about 65m² and then it goes to recharge or waits until the next planned schedule starts.

Feature overview

What can it do? All primary features are listed below in bullets for easier reading:

  • Rain sensor
  • LCD screen
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • LED headlights
  • RTK navigation
  • Big red emergency stop button
  • Control panel
  • VSLAM camera
  • AI camera

Some are more useful than others but to be honest, having features is better than not having features, even if you don’t rely on them right now, maybe you’ll want to use them in the future and then you don’t need to upgrade your robot.

User-friendly? Absolutely!

The TechAcute team had the privilege of setting up and testing the T1000. We found it delightfully easy to operate via a mobile app or Bluetooth remote control. Plus, maintenance was a cinch – all it took was a water hose to keep it clean. There was an initial difficulty with the RTK though but that could be easily solved by properly setting up the RTK antenna in a spot where it could directly point towards the sky without anything blocking the signal. The only other aspect is that you should consider having a Wi-Fi network that can reach the operating area.

RoboUP T1000 Robot Lawn Mower Upside Down View
Image: Christopher Isak, TechAcute

So after doing the setup and getting it to run, we can confirm that you don’t need to hire a professional first to set it up for you, as long as you’re comfortable doing something on your smartphone as well. Like with every lawn mowing robot, once in a while you should clean it and eventually swap the used blades for new ones. The blades appear to be standard however and if you still have any left from your old lawn mowing robot, they are likely to also fit. You just have to loosen one screw to replace these and then screw it back on, for a total of three blades. If you have ever done that before it will be no news to you and even if not, you’ll be an expert by the time you did it once.

Safety first, connectivity always

The T1000 comes loaded with safety features, including an emergency stop, rain sensors, a camera, and side ultrasound. It’s waterproof and compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Alexa. For good measure, it even comes with theft protection and a pin lock. It can identify not only decorations or furniture but also pets and other animals and will stop or drive another way if anything is spotted.

RoboUP T1000 Robot Lawn Mower AI Smart Eye Camera Front
Image: Christopher Isak, TechAcute

As of now, they are not yet offering an official roof to their charging station but they are preparing an annex product that can be attached which is planned to be launched in December 2023. As far as I know, as long as you keep the power connected to the charging station, you don’t need to disassemble it in the Wintertime when the temperature goes down below 0°C but it would be better to keep the robot inside, and protected from extreme cold. However, you should always read the manual of the product and what they recommend for your particular area of the world, just to be on the safe side.

Quiet operator

One of the standout features of the T1000 is its quiet operation. You can run it at any time without disturbing your peace. If you spend some time in the garden or try to have a nap, you’ll not be disturbed and you might not even notice it’s running unless it passes by you very near. Beyond that, you will definitely not bother any neighbors even if you have a small yard.

RoboUP T1000 Robot Lawn Mower Blades With Screws
Image: Christopher Isak, TechAcute

From a noise point of view, you could keep running the robot throughout the night as well but I recommend operating only throughout the day so you don’t bother the nocturnal animals. If you want to learn more about at what times and how often to schedule a lawn mowing robot, read our dedicated article about that subject, beyond brands and models.

What’s the verdict?

RoboUP might be a new brand and I would understand how people would hesitate with a purchasing decision but I have not found any issues with the product at all. If you are going for the T1000 model it can be purchased with a price tag of around 1,899.99 EUR on Amazon as of now but if you have a smaller yard, you could also check into the smaller model which is designed for only 500m² and not 1000m² work area for about 1,499.99 EUR. Based on their previous Kickstarter campaign page it looks as if the MSRP  for it would be $2,499 in the US, in case you don’t happen to be in Europe.

With the T1000, you’re always in the know. Check for software updates on the display, and use the handy set of blades and two extension cables included for the charging station and RTK receiver. After weeks of rigorous testing, the TechAcute team can attest to the RoboUP T1000’s impressive performance. With its unique row mowing feature and a host of other top-tier features, it’s changing the face of lawn care as we know it. So if you’re tired of settling for less when it comes to your lawn, why not give the T1000 a spin? Your garden will thank you for it.

Promotional video: RoboUP Robotic Lawn Mower Video

Photo credit: All photos shown are taken by Christopher Isak for TechAcute.
Editorial notice: We have received a free test sample of the product but were not paid to prepare this test and review the RoboUP T1000 Robotic Lawn Mower.

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