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GO Pigeon: The “Uber” of Parcel Delivery?

Packages are not sent directly to a customer, making it one of the biggest challenges in deliveries. Instead, the packages go through many logistics centers until they meet the receiver. On the other side, the challenge that senders face is delivering the products to the clients on time.

GO PigeonThese issues served as an inspiration for a team to come up with a solution for sending and receiving packages called GO Pigeon. The team describes the solution as “a mobile application that will connect drivers with people who need to post the package. Through the application, the sender can find a driver who is planning a trip to the same place to which the package is to be delivered.”

How does GO Pigeon work?

The GO Pigeon works just like Uber, but for deliveries. First, the sender will create a new booking order through the application. The customer should put in the delivery’s basic information such as its size, weight, and type for it to go through. This information gets sent to the database and its drivers. The drivers will see the zip/postcode and street, but won’t see the exact collection and delivery address.

Drivers can start sending offers to the customer, providing the estimated time of parcel collection, time of delivery, and price for the service. This way, customers can choose the most suitable offer for them. Once they’ve chosen the driver and payment method, the delivery gets tracked through the GO Pigeon app. The payment can be done in cash or money transfer to the driver’s account through the app.

GO Pigeon

Every driver must provide their full name, ID number, vehicle, model, and registration number. When handing over the package, the sender checks the driver’s car registration document and his ID card. The notification confirming the delivery of the package is sent through the GO Pigeon app. When the package is delivered, the application will ask the sender to rate the driver and vice-versa.

What is the goal of the GO Pigeon application?

According to the GO Pigeon team, “The intention of the application is for the driver to share the costs of his journey with the sender of the package. The driver’s initial purpose is to rich his planned destination related to his private or professional life. Therefore, delivering the package is the secondary activity that happens along the way”.

GO Pigeon

An important thing to mention is that the application will only be allowed for non-commercial purposes. Offering a service for a profit, including earning income from travel, is not allowed. The sum of money the driver receives for transporting and delivering packages cannot exceed his travel expenses such as costs for fuel and road tolls. In this case, no profit is generated. Senders must report drivers suspected of carrying out any commercial activity or selling their services through the app.

It seems like an interesting concept, but it seems like it’s in its development stage. As of this writing, it’s currently available on Kickstarter but has yet to be backed up. If you want to support the idea of developing this application, you can back this project.

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