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ONO Debuting E-mobility Vehicle This Fall

It’s nothing unusual for auto manufacturers to venture into uncharted territory, building marvels of design and engineering that push the limits of what a vehicle can do. ONO, a prospective new car company, is no exception, trying to shake the entire industry up with a completely different vehicle type. ONO has unveiled that it will debut its radically new Pedal Assisted Transporter (PAT) this fall in select German markets.

On October 1st, a company that champions sustainable energy across Europe – EIT InnoEnergy – announced its partnership with the e-mobility company ONOMOTION GmbH. They plan to invest EUR 3 million over the next two years to help put the PAT on streets and in cities within a relatively short time frame.

Pedal Assisted Transporter

Flexible and Durable

The PAT is a small and compact car that “combines the flexibility of a bicycle, with the capacity and durability of a transport van” to address the growing demand for sustainable and clean vehicles in cities. Built with the courier and delivery businesses in mind, the PAT includes 2.1 cubic meters of cargo storage with interchangeable and customizable parts to suit its driver’s needs.

The vehicle is fuel and energy-efficient while still being cost-effective. It has an “easy-swap battery system (with) about sixty kilometers in range,” making the PAT an emission-free vehicle. Like many cars these days, electric power means it’s cheaper to maintain. In fact, according to ONO, the PAT has roughly “20% lower operating costs than alternatives.”

Although ONO is relatively new to the industry, having been founded in May 2016, founders Beres Seelbach, Murat Günak, and Philipp Kahle are no strangers to the electric mobility industry. With their combined experience in the field of over 30 years, all three have critically important expertise in vehicle design and manufacturing. They, as well as the 30 employees at ONO, aim “to create powerful solutions that better our communities and inspire people around the world to transform urban mobility.”

Pedal Assisted Transporter

Future goals

The PAT release is just one small step in ONO’s plans for the future. Combining its efforts with EIT InnoEnergy, ONO plans for a broader launch across Europe in 2022 and an even more ambitious goal of “having 14,000 vehicles on the road in more than 60 cities by 2025.”

ONO’s founders are always looking toward a future that pushes the boundaries of modern transportaiton. With the dawn of the innovative PAT, the company anticipates a rapid change in the field of urban mobility in the coming years. The PAT is set to launch this fall in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, and Langeoog.

YouTube: ONO – The ONO Pedal Assisted Transporter (EN)

Photo credit: The images are owned by ONO and have been provided for press usage.

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