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Razer Anzu: Smart Glasses for Today’s World

With so many intelligent devices out there like smart hubs, smartphones, smart TVs, and even smart homes, there haven’t been many terribly successful endeavors into smart glasses. Razer is here to change that with the Anzu, a pair of smart glasses equipped with two types of lenses, Bluetooth sound, a microphone, and so much more.

An all-in-one solution

Released on March 4, Razer introduced the Anzu to aimed to bring eyewear into the 21st century. To do that, before adding in the bells and whistles such as touch enabling and audio additions, they must have good glasses to start with.

This is why the Anzu package includes two types of lenses: one with 35% blue light filtering and a set of replacement sunglass lenses with polarization that shields the eye from 99% of UVA/UVB solar rays. Razer shared that “Consumers spend countless hours using mobile devices, laptops and computer displays for both business and pleasure, which exposes their eyes to blue light.”

Razer Anzu Blue Light Render
Image: Razer

considering the needs of their consumers, Razer created Anzu to be “an all-in-one solution to filter out the damaging light of digital devices and the sun, adding a much-needed element of protection to stylish smart eyewear.” Additionally, for those who actually need prescription eyewear to see, the company shared that they are partnering with Lensabl. This includes “extending 15% off prescription lenses for corrective eyewear customers who purchase Razer Anzu.”

Open-ear audio for an immersive experience

Blue light filtering, sun protection, and prescription capability are all well and good, but Razer brings it to a level wherein it makes these glasses truly “smart.” With a battery life of over five hours per charge that fully charges in about 1.5 hours, Anzu users experience built-in Bluetooth open-ear audio. According to their website, the glasses “extends immersion to new environments…as it allows consumers to maintain an awareness of their surroundings.”

The Anzu provides 60ms low latency technology, which keeps “lips in sync” by making sure delay is extremely low “without any disruptions from audio delay or skipping.” It also has a built-in “omnidirectional mic,” which should provide quality sound whether one is enjoying some smooth music or taking part in a vitally important video conference. For glasses wearers around the globe, glasses with headphones can be a real hassle, and putting the two together just might solve this problem.

Image: Razer

Other enhancements

There are myriad other nifty enhancements on these specs. For instance, its “water-resistant IPX4 design” makes it splash-proof, “so it isn’t affected by sweat and will work like a charm after meeting any unfortunate spills or weather,” according to Razer. That way, users don’t have to worry about ruining their glasses, which for some, are necessary to perform daily tasks due to a simple workout or a bit of rain.

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An additional feature is its so-called “sleek touch interface,” which enables users to “change music tracks, play or pause media, manage calls, and activate smartphone voice assistants,” with a mere tap all from the comfort of their eyewear. There’s also a mobile app for Android and iPhone that lets users customize touch controls, view device settings, and battery life, and connect to other devices. It even a gaming mode that will function at a lower latency, “giving you real-time audio feedback while gaming.”

Image: Razer

According to Head of Sales and Marketing, John Moore, Razer is venturing into a territory in tech that has yet to be explored in an era when it’s needed most. “The Razer Anzu modernizes the wearable category in terms of convenience and blue light or UV protection,” Moore said, adding that the company is “entering the market at a time when there is a surge of people working from home – where eye protection, hands-free communication, and smart features are now in high demand.”

The Anzu Advanced Eye Protection Bundle includes the smart glasses, which come in two different shapes and several sizes. It also has the blue light filter lenses as well as the polarized sunglass replacements lenses, a USB-A charging cable, a cleaning cloth, and a carrying case. Its MSRP price is $199.99.

YouTube: Razer Anzu Smart Glasses | Replacement Lens Tutorial

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