Felix Gray: Finally There Are Computer Glasses with a Classy Design


A lot of us stare at screens most of the time. I’m not going to lecture you about screen-time either, you’re looking at a screen as you read this article. It’s not all bad either, yet, many people feel bad when they are looking at screens for a prolonged time.

Why is that and what could they do to feel better?

Being exposed to artificial light such as the kind of light that comes from screens causes many people to have dry eyes, get headaches, get blurred vision or experience eye fatigue. Protective eyewear has been around for some time, but often such solutions didn’t work well, looked terrible or didn’t last very long. I reviewed the glasses from Felix Gray now for a couple of days and found that they are doing a great job overall.


The Felix Gray eyewear consists of fashionable and durable frames and lenses that have been crafted to protect your eyesight and support your well-being when you’re looking at screens for a long time. I found them comfortable enough not only to wear them while I work but also while walking around from one office to another. You’re looking at smartphone displays too, right? It can help.

Where are these symptoms coming from anyway?

Being in front of a screen mostly also means that you’re exposed to blue light. While this makes sense for displaying colors properly and to save energy, it can have a negative impact on our health. Also, glare causes stress to our eyes and could make you feel irritated or feel exhausted more than you’d be not looking at a screen.

What’ different with Felix Gray eyewear?

I tested a variety of computer glasses before I wrote this review article. What’s really neat about the Felix Gray glasses is that the lenses they use are manufactured in a way to support your eyesight, while some other companies “just” apply a coating to filter the bad wavelength light away. I didn’t encounter a pair of computer glasses yet with a coating that’s peeling off, but I suppose that it’s a possibility.


Do I need computer glasses?

If you’re not feeling any of the symptoms described below, you won’t feel any better when you wear the Felix Gray eyewear. About 60% of people in front of screens would benefit from wearing protective glasses though. Also, it doesn’t hurt to protect your eyesight preventively, even if you’re not a victim of digital eye strain.

As I kept my Felix Grays on the whole time, I could also witness that they hardly fog up when you’re transitioning from the cold weather outside into an office where it’s not cold. This is an aspect I did encounter see with similar products from other companies. Often they would fog up when the climate changes quickly like that, and you can’t see anything for a moment.


Summary, price and some personal notes

In comparison with other brands, such as Gunnar Optiks, Felix Gray has more classy frames without much focus on gamer style. Also, you will not find amber-tinted glasses on the Felix Gray website. I don’t mind that though, I found that the yellowish tint was often disturbing me when gaming or working with videos and images on the computer, as they break your whole way of how you perceive colors of course. On the other hand, Gunnar Optiks offer their solution for prescription glasses, which is not yet an option at the Felix Gray store.

I found the pricing to be reasonable as well. They are not more expensive than other brands even though the product seems to be slightly better. You can get a pair of glasses from Felix Gray at around $95. If you want the lenses with a magnifying feature, they still cost the same. The frames are really beautiful and suite any lifestyle and work environment. There’s even a small owl, which they use as their part of their logo, on the side of the frames.

What do you think about Felix Gray computer glasses? Better for gaming, the office or something else? I’d love to know your thoughts. Feel free to drop your comments below. Many thanks!

Vimeo: 90 seconds from Simon Mendes

Photo credit: Felix Gray
Editorial notice: Author tested the Nash model by Felix Gray for two days and was familiar with computer glasses from two other makers.

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