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Igloo Energy: App-Based Power for Smart Home and Smart Savings

You can do anything from your smartphone, even manage your home. Igloo Energy, based in Southampton, UK, is a company that offers energy services to improve smart homes and help you take control of your bill from the comfort of your mobile device.

Igloo Energy helps you use the least energy by applying the latest technology to improve your home’s consumption, making the right decisions that will drive you to a smarter life while enjoying a fairly competitive price.

How does it work?

The process is quite simple. After connecting to Igloo Energy, the company carries out a study about the data of your home, which leads them to a smart analysis of what you can save through their products and the specific way they will help you while making your consumption greener, starting with your electricity and gas services.

Igloo Energy App iOS Screenshots
Igloo Energy app screenshots from iOS, also available on Android.

You can easily install a self-contained heating system or upgrade your existing one with an air source heat pump that runs on electricity instead of fuel, reducing your carbon footprint. Its app allows you to control heating and hot water with ease, and if you are in England, Scotland or Wales, it will even allow you to obtain profits with the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI).

More ways to optimize your home

Another interesting alternative is the smart thermostat that uses the location of your phone to get updated weather information and other conditions, such as open windows, if no one is home, or if a room is at risk of developing mold. The tado° thermostat is compatible with most heating systems and can be easily managed and connected with other smart devices and apps. They constantly monitor their services’ performance, and if in six months time they do not achieve the reduction in expenses that they propose, they said to refund your money.

They also improve consumption in vehicles. Igloo Smart EV facilitates the cars charging by using the least amount of carbon. The app allows you to select the time when the network is cleanest to charge your car or electric vehicle, it allows you to enjoy 100 free miles per month, and it is compatible with Rolec EV smart charging points.

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With Igloo Energy, it is possible to identify what you can improve in your energy consumption using its line of smart products and services and taking advantage of technology to benefit your lifestyle, convert your energy consumption into a more sustainable one, and reduce your expenses with one of the more transparent and environmental energy services on the market.

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