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Project Hazel: Razer’s New Smart Mask Concept

A year has passed since the pandemic started, and even with an uncertain future, we know it’s going to stay for a while. Lots of us have been wondering how technology is going to influence the new lifestyle we have been living since then.

The CES 2021 took place with its first virtual edition in January this year, and what better place than that to see what companies have been working on and what are they planning for future projects? To our surprise, only a few companies seem to have projects in which they would help us improve our new lifestyle.

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Razer is well known for being a gaming tech company, but even they have been helping around since the COVID-19 showed up. They’ve been manufacturing and donating surgical masks to countries in need, with the Razer for Life project. This time they are going a bit further with the project of manufacturing facial smart masks known as the Project Hazel.

Smart mask to help stay safe

With a stunning prototype that goes beyond the mile, Razer has developed a model of a  reusable mask. This concept design of Project Hazel has an N95 medical-grade respirator which has a high bacterial filtration efficiency, filtering out 95% of particles and high fluid resistance. However, what sets this apart from other masks is not only its look but also its functionality as a smart mask.

Project Hazel
Image: Razer

Conceptually, Project Hazel has detachable and rechargeable active ventilators and Smart Pods that regulate the airflow, helping the user breathe easier while wearing it. The active ventilation allows the release of the heat and CO2 from breathing while letting cool fresh air in. The light on the pods will also work as a battery indicator and will also let you know when the filter needs to be changed.

Communication would be easier as well, thanks to its voice amplifier, the VoiceAmp technology. Although the technology behind this is still pending, the mask is planned to have a built-in microphone and amplifier.

Project Hazel
Image: Razer

The look of Project Hazel’s mask is also transparent, creating a fashionable and futuristic cyberpunk look. This was designed to make socializing more pleasant since you will be able to see facial expressions better when communicating with others. It will also be a great help for lip readers. Speaking of having a cyberpunk look, the mask is also designed to have RGB LED lights. The LED lights would automatically turn on when it’s dark so others can still see your face no matter how dark it is.

Not only that, the Project Hazel smart mask would come along with a wireless charger that would sterilize the mask using a UV light while charging really fast. The light would turn from red to green to indicate the battery level of the mask. Apart from all its features, the mask would be made with recycled materials to protect the environment.

Project Hazel
Image: Razer

This concept though is by no means a replacement for the medical masks we now frequently use, although it would be amazing to see it in real life, so let’s hope Razer gets to develop and finish Project Hazel. Personally speaking, it looks like it’s going to be very comfortable to use, with a silicon guard all around the nose and mouth along with the adjustable ear loops. For now, it seems that the mask will be designed for different sizes and will come in black or white.

YouTube: Project Hazel | World’s Smartest Mask

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