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Razer Unveils Modular Gaming and Content Creator Desk Concept

Razer is a gaming brand famous for its gaming peripherals and outlandish concepts they love to show off at CES. Last year it was the Razer Zephyr, a face mask with its own active air purifiers, which sounded pretty awesome back in 2021.

Razer did make the Razer Zephyr a reality. Still, this year at CES 2022, they’ve outdone themselves by presenting Project Sophia, a modular gaming desk concept fully kited with an OLED screen and glass top that has multiple other screens that provide utility for users. This includes:

  • A RAID controller
  • Programmable hotkeys
  • A system monitoring module
  • THX spacial surround sound controls
Project Sophia - Streamer - Front
Image: Razer

Razer pitches this idea to all the gamers, content creators, and streamers out there. How the consumers will react to this and how that would affect the gaming industry is yet to be seen. Concept presentations are always interesting, but only a few of these futuristic solutions actually make it to the market. If Razer manages to push this out, it might be an interesting solution not only for gaming but especially for streamers or other content creators.

How is this a modular solution?

Well, all the modules mentioned above are swappable, and the desk supports up to 13 separate modules for an “untold level of modification,” according to Razer themselves. If you want to go completely all-in, then you can even install a full desktop module inside the desk with an integrated upgradable CPU/GPU module, all of which will be housed in a slim chassis that magnetically snaps in underneath the glass top of the desk.

Razer Sophia Creator Setup
Image: Razer

But what’s a Razer device without any sort of RGB lighting, so that’s taken care of as well with the edge-lit glass tabletop, which is completely customizable and offers an enhanced immersive experience.

“Project Sophia is our futuristic vision of a multi-purpose gaming and workstation set-up which meets the very different needs of a variety of PC uses, negating the need to move between workspaces,” said Richard Hashim, VP of Growth at Razer. “The hot-swappable modular system allows users to quickly reconfigure their desk with near-infinite flexibility, adapting Project Sophia not just for the task at hand, but also to the user’s particular preference. This is the future of the battlestation.”

Will it actually ship to consumers?

Although it’s unlikely something like this will be built and be commercially available to consumers, it’s always fun to see such innovative ideas from brands like Razer. CES is a great platform where companies show off all their new latest and greatest creations or designs concepts that might one day actually be built. CES 2022 is no different. There are refrigerators that help prevent food waste, new PCs, laptops, and much more.

YouTube: Project Sophia | The World’s First Modular Gaming Desk Concept

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Source: Razer press release

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