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Harvard’s Romu Robot Protects the Environment [Video]

We, as inhabitants of this planet and its primary source of trouble, need to make sure that we change our ways to better protect our environment. We need to take care of that ourselves but it can also help to develop robots to support us with this task.

The latest robotics R&D at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University shows us there is hope in this aspect. They are working on Romu, a robot that is supposed to help to recover and protect the environment. As per their introduction, Romu is able to “combat erosion, restore damaged landscapes, and facilitate sustainable land management in a variety of settings.”

Check the video below for more information on Romu the robot and make sure to leave them a thumbs-up if you liked the clip and the project. Enjoy!

YouTube: Romu – A Robot for Environmental Protection

Photo credit: The feature image has been provided and is owned by the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

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