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What Happened at the CES 2020?

In the world of tech advancements, CES is the grand stage for companies and startups alike to get together and show off their latest developments to the public. It is always a wild show for the reveal of gadgets and gears that amaze the audience. And CES 2020 wasn’t an exception. Many big brands showed some fantastic and awe-inspiring tech and concepts. The event also featured a lot of promising startups. This is an overview of some of the best stuff at CES 2020.



Sony showing up for CES isn’t something unusual. They are and always have been a big part of CES, revealing the latest gadgets such as smartphones or consoles. This year Sony showed up with a brand new branch of tech, an all-electric car. This car wasn’t intended as a product for the general public but rather a show of all the minor tech gadgets that Sony makes that can be in a car. The car had some pretty good specs, but the real show was its sleek design. Unfortunately, this car isn’t going to be a Sony product any time soon.



Next to Ballie, Samsung brought some new smartphones to show. However, their focus was on creating mid-range high-spec phones. And they have delivered with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. These phones come with a 6.7 inch 1080p flat OLED displays. They have 4500 mAh batteries. The S10 Lite comes with a 48 MP main camera, a 12 MP ultrawide camera, and a 5 MP macro camera while the Note 10 Lite comes with three 12MP cameras. They also showed off a TV with no bezzles at all.


OnePlus showed a concept phone, the OnePlus Concept 1. The phone came with an electrochromic tinting glass on the camera, Neutral Density Filters (NDF) for videos and photos, and an entire piano made of OnePlus phones.

More cars

CES usually features a lot of cars, and this year wasn’t an exception. Daimler showed off an electric supercar concept that looked like a spaceship more than a car. Another impressive vehicle was the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which is scheduled for release in 2021. The other was the Rivian R1T pickup truck scheduled to come out this summer or winter.



Razer is usually a significant influence at CES events. This year, however, they refrained from showing off anything too exciting and instead just showed off a microcomputer setup. A mid to high-end computer that is the size of a shoebox. The computer does pack a lot of power and could be rather useful, but Razer did not release any information on release dates or pricing.

Overall, CES 2020 was an astounding success and a fantastic event that put a lot of new startups as well as a success for the big brands as well. Hopefully, more tech is revealed throughout the year, but CES definitely put the year off on a great start.

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by CES and were made available for press usage.

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