New Trends in Home Entertainment Technology


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The late-night show, Super Bowl Sunday, your child’s favorite cartoons, the hottest Game of Thrones episodes – there are a lot of reasons why home entertainment matters. The script for this industry has become one that is continuously written and rewritten over the years to accommodate new possibilities.

Technology is a must-have for the home entertainment industry as people want to be in control of the content they view. Also, widespread digitization has enabled a parade of content that is diverse and growing. And consumers are heartily consuming it via satellite subscription, Internet and a wide variety of new possibilities.

The following are some of the latest trends in home entertainment technology:

1. Satellite cable

DIRECT TV points out that satellite television service makes it possible to enjoy a wide variety of programming and packages with the most cost-friendly prices around. Also, residents in any state (whether it’s in the north, south, east and west) can enjoy the unparalleled entertainment experience made possible through this technology. And because satellite technology is available anywhere, you can subscribe to a satellite cable service in one area, and then move it to another area if you relocate.

Moreover, most providers of this service back up their promise of the best home entertainment experience by providing great customer service. So those who subscribe get access to support experts who are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Therefore, with satellite, you are in control of your viewing experience.

2. 4k UHD

Ultra-high definition 4k screens are replacing the 1080p hardware. This means the screen of a TV or any device with 4k technology has a resolution of 3840*2160 pixels, which makes it similar to two 1080p screens in height and length. With this technology being adopted in homes, new broadcast standards that support 4k resolution are being promoted.

For instance, H.265 or HEVC, the new codec that is needed to support 4k streaming, is considered by cable TV providers, broadcasters and manufacturers as a way to economically deliver 4k content. Why should you care? Because 4K reveals more detail and nuance than 3D, and the difference is astonishing. The higher resolution makes the viewing experience simply better.

3. Apps

New television systems like Apple TV enable consumers to install apps. Even companies like Panasonic are releasing television systems based on mobile operating systems with plans for creating their own app store. Apps have greatly reduced the time to market and deliver new content. Also, app developers are seeing their ideas deployed in few weeks, and consumers are seeing cutting-edge content at their will.

Apps also reflect the increasing number of consumers who prefer to multi-task while consuming entertainment. Moreover, apps enable smartphones and tablets to be used as viewing devices instead of just television, making it comfortable for viewers to consume content in any location (while lying down for example).

4. Social networking technology

Apart from the above-mentioned developments, home entertainment has gone beyond traditional entertainment of consuming cable content. Now television smartphones and tablets are not only used to change channels, they also act as social media devices.

Smart TVs now include social networking features that enable consumers to tweet and post updates while watching their favorite shows. Dedicated channel fans love to banter about their favorite content, so companies are accommodating their need to rave with social media.

Photo credit: Dawn Fu / William Iven

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