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Microsoft Completes Acquisition of Nuance

Microsoft, the tech giant, popularly known for developing the Windows operating system, successfully acquired Nuance, a speech recognition firm based in Massachusetts. The speech recognition firm helped Apple in developing their voice assistant, Siri.

Since their dabble in the smartphone domain, the establishment has moved on to different sectors. For instance, Nuance is now concentrating on medics and other related areas utilizing its specialized tool called Dragon.

Microsoft Completes Acquisition of Nuance - Conversational AI - Doctor
Image: Nuance

Microsoft initially revealed the deal with Nuance in April 2021, but the agreement got delayed by nearly a year. The momentary standstill was due to the UK Antitrust regulators launching an investigation into the deal. They suspected that the merger would cause the tech giant to monopolize the market.

European Unions’ top regulators took the arrangement or merger separately in December. The top regulators concluded that Microsoft and Nuance offer very distinguished commodities/services and would thus continue to encounter solid competition in the markets.

Acquisition and plans

With Microsoft’s successful acquisition that cost $16 billion, they aim to expand its reach in the healthcare industry via employment on Nuance’s enhanced and specialized instruments.

Microsoft Completes Acquisition of Nuance - Radiology Conversational AI workflow
Image: Nuance

They believe acquiring the devices from the speech recognition firm will be beneficial in transforming the clinical experience in hospitals and other related sectors close to clinics and healthcare.

Here are some of their products:

  • Dragon Medical One: This speech recognition device uses a cloud system that offers documentation understanding across various criteria such as platforms, solutions, and appliances, irrespective of geographical location.
  • PowerMic Mobile: This device turns any station into a dictation post and permits clinic professionals to control the EPR using their mobile device as a wireless microphone.

Mark D. Benjamin, the existing CEO of Nuance, will persist in functioning in the role of the CEO. He will report to the person in charge of Microsoft’s cloud computing and AI sector, Scott Guthrie.

YouTube: Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience for Microsoft Teams

Photo credits: All images shown are owned by Nuance and were made available for press usage.

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