Moen Aromatherapy Handshowers Deliver Pure Relaxation


Self-care is important and here’s a new idea to treat yourself. Moen is one of the most popular faucet brands in North America that offers a variety of thoughtfully designed kitchen and bath faucets and accessories. The company aims to deliver the best possible combination of meaningful innovation and useful features in their products. Now, Moen has introduced its latest innovation – Moen aromatherapy handshowers with INLY technology. If you are ready to take your shower to the next level, you might want to try this one.

Experience pure relaxation with Moen’s handshower

As Moen describes their product, no matter if you feel stressed from work, or you are fresh off a workout, the best way to end the day is by taking a great shower. Being the leader in water experiences at home, Moen is developing a product that will give consumers the chance to enhance their “me” time – the new Moen aromatherapy handshower.

Moen INLY Aromatherapy Handshowers Deliver Pure Relaxation Product Photo

This handshower is innovative and unique because it is developed with INLY capsules. The INLY shower capsules slide into an infusion dial on the showerhead, and consumers are able to set the dilution to off, low, medium, or high. This is necessary so consumers can choose whether they want to diffuse the running water with essential oils in one of the four available fragrances or not. What makes the Moen aromatherapy handshower unique is its ability to infuse essential oils directly into the water flow, which is possible with the INLY capsules.

There are four types of INLY capsules with spa-inspired fragrances, including:

  • Zen Time – this capsule makes you relax in soothing waves with essential oils of lavender, tea tree, and vanilla;
  • Tropical Day – this capsule makes you escape to a paradise island with essential oils of lemongrass, neroli, and vanilla;
  • Energetic Morning – this capsule makes you hike through a lush pine forest with essential oils of lemon, scots pine, and cistus;
  • Sweet Morning – this capsule makes you ease into the day with essential oils of red berries, geranium, and vanilla.

The handshower can be used with or without capsules

As you can see, Moen made a partnership with INLY in order to create the aromatherapy experience. INLY is a French brand owned by the corporation SkinJay. The capsules are made in France with essential oils from Jean-Charles Sommerard. INLY fragrances are safe for use, and they go through the highest level of dermatological testing before being released to the public.

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However, the Moen Aromatherapy Handshower can be used without the INLY capsules as well. In fact, it offers six spray settings – massage, relaxing massage, wide-coverage, downpour, intensify, and rinse. Additionally, the Handshower uses Magnetix technology developed by Moen. This technology allows easy release of the handshower and secures back into place with closed eyes.

Laurie Birko, director of marketing at Moen, said that the company is dedicated to elevating daily encounters with water, both with smart technologies and wellness innovations. He added that Moen would continue adapting their technology so that consumers can enjoy it to the maximum.

YouTube: Introducing the Moen Aromatherapy Handshower featuring INLY technology

Photo Credit: The shown images have been provided by Moen as part of their press material.
Source: Moen press release
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