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Nebia Lets You Save 70% Water in the Shower

Nebia-LogoWater consumption is an important subject whether you are talking about home use or about industrial usage alike. We use so much water that does not only cost a lot of money to use but again costs heaps to get it all cleaned and back into the system. We should all try to be conscious of our usage volume at all times but sometimes there is an advancement in technology that helps us doing so.

Nebia Tries to Reduce Water Usage

One such solution is an improved shower head developed and manufactured by a company based in San Francisco that goes by the name of Nebia. They are a relatively young company and currently in a funding stage. If you are interested in backing them, you should check out their currently running Kickstarter campaign as well.



Nebia utilizes special components that all work together to deliver a relaxing, efficient and water-saving shower experience. The water outlet nozzles are atomizing the water with pressure to create millions of light water droplets that are not as heavy to directly hit the ground but are roaming slower, almost steam-like, around you until they hit a surface.

Aided with computational  fluid dynamics software they have designed their solution so that a lot smaller water volumes can account for the same efficiency of having a shower and getting clean. You can also adjust the ‘spray’ output to a stronger configuration with larger droplet size in case you prefer that.

Water Savings

With an average of 0.75 GPM (gallons per minute) the Nebia solution even beats the Watersense indicated threshold of 2.0 GPM – and certainly beats the industry standard of 2.5 GPM by quite a bit. Overall Nebia needs 70% less water volume to deliver the exact same result of a normal shower head with a lot cooler experience. For you that would mean that your average household of four people could save about 21,000 gallons (or $397) every year. So that means that if Nebia releases their final product for a price of approximately $300 you have that return on investment in in not even a year. This makes for an instant buy decision from an economical perspective on top of the ecological advantages.

Thermal Efficiency

If you are a warm/hot shower type you can also benefit further from Nebia. They have also taken into account that the heating of water also costs a bit and tried to counter that just as they worked on the water saving. Usually more than 61% of the costs of showering is used for heating up the water only so that 97% of the thermal energy goes right down the drain. The steam-like atomization of water leads to the water droplets circulating around you and therefore Nebia can transfer 13 times more heat from the water into the environment and into you.


The Nebia solution for better and more environmental-friendly showering seems really nice. I can imagine that the special design and technology is a lot fun to use with the great side effect of saving money and water. If you have a rather special drainage and water setup in your bathroom you might want to check on installation requirements but from a quick glance this looked to be all compliant to common standards. On top of all that you are going to save more money in the first year of use than the Nebia showerhead costs. Even though this is the estimate on a standard home with four shower users, the case is pretty easy.

Kickstarter: Nebia Shower – Better experience, 70% less water

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