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Moodo: Relax with Your New Smart Home Fragrance Gadget

With technology developing at lightning speeds, it’s no wonder many consider this age as another technological revolution. Smart technology has almost crept into every pore of our everyday lives, and just when you thought it couldn’t go any further, a smart scent machine comes to the stage. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Moodo, the smart home fragrance box, brought to you by Agan Aroma.

What is Moodo?

Moodo complements your smart home system in an entirely innovative way. It’s much more than a simple scent box. It provides scents based on your mood and choice. How is this even possible? Well, you download the Moodo app and use it to choose the smell or combine smells. You can adjust the intensity of every fragrance, set times at which you want to smell each fragrance, and more.


This smart scent box integrates with your other devices, so you can connect Moodo with your smart alarm clock, smell some vanilla when you get an email, because – why not. The possibilities are endless.

The first-ever smart device to give you complete control over the way your environment smells and feels, Moodo is intended for use both at home or office. It is wireless and portable. You can charge up its long-lasting battery and take it anywhere with you.

Fun little addition: you can distribute some of the enjoyment with your friends and family, by sharing with them your favorite scents.

How do I use Moodo?

Moodo has four empty slots where you can insert fragrance capsules. This way you can feel scent families such as “Beach Party,” “The Gardens of Kanazawa,” “Oriental Delights,” or create your own original combinations.

You connect your smartphone with the scent box via the app and explore the possibilities that the scent spectrum offers. Furthermore, the app comes with pre-mixed presets, so you don’t have to bust your head thinking which fragrance goes with which.

Moodo has apps for both iPhone and Android, as well as options for WiFi and Bluetooth connections. You can integrate it with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT.

The box itself is compact and simplistic, with 4.8 inches in height, and 4 inches in width. Moreover, it’s black, so it’s sure to look nice in any room. It has powerful internal fans that diffuse the aroma in the capsules.

To conclude, Moodo is a lot safer and more practical than scented candles, oils, and whatnot and it can be yours for $189. This price will get you a Starter Pack including one device and three scent families (“Fresh Vibrations,” “Beach Party,” and “Cozzzy”). Additional scent families are available at a price of $29.95 each.

YouTube: Moodo – The Smart Home Fragrance Mixer

Photo credit: All images used are owned by Agan Aroma, maker of Moodo.

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