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Microsoft and Cisco Work Together Towards Interoperability

Technology continues to bring us together despite distances and time differences, and having tools to help us better collaborate are indispensable. So far, there has been a bunch of devices created that do just that, which is great. But what if the tools we use differ from what others use? How far can incompatible tools take us in terms of working together?

Well, Cisco and Microsoft has announced their collaboration that tries to fix this. On November 4, 2019, they announced their initiative on working towards solutions to bring their meeting room tools together.

Coming together

Generally, it’s safe to say that Microsoft and Cisco have a huge customer base that use their conferencing/meeting solutions. The decision to have this partnership is, of course, most welcome. This is specially for businesses that need to touch base with others who use Microsoft when they’re using Cisco, and vice-versa.

First, Cisco will introduce a solution to be certified as a Microsoft Cloud Video Interop. This would open up and allow those with Webex Room and SIP video conferencing devices be able to join Microsoft Teams meetings. In turn, those with a Microsoft Teams Room would be able to join Cisco Webex meetings using and vice-versa with direct guest join capability. This basically means that you can communicate with people despite difference of tools.

This solution will be expected to be compatible on latest meeting room devices with embedded web technologies. Cisco’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Team Collaboration Group Sri Srinivasan also revealed in having future plans of supporting additional vendors.

This Microsoft and Cisco partnership will be anticipated on as it opens up to more opportunity for collaboration across borders. If you’re one of those who’re excited for it, you can expect it to be available around early 2020.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Jud Mackrill.
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