5 Solutions to Improve Team Collaboration and Engagement Online


What makes the best collaborative software and which features will improve online collaboration and engagement? What to have in mind when looking for the right one which will leave a positive impact on you, your coworkers and your collaboration? You will know that you are using the right software if your team’s efficiency is increasing, while the quality of their engagement keeps improving.

Communication and collaboration are quintessential in the today’s world of business. They can be achieved along with some other benefits of the proper choice of collaborative software which will:

Make Distance of You and Your Co-Workers Irrelevant

No matter if you are working in the same building or if the company departments are located in different countries, through the right collaborative software, the flow of communication can resemble the one where you and your colleagues are sharing the same office.

#1. Among many other features, Spwiggle will help you overcome the distance by letting your team members know whether you are available to them for consult, conversation or you are already engaged in a dialog with another team member. Through the feature of taking screenshots of the person sitting in front of a computer, which are then uploaded to the software, your co-workers will know just by clicking on your image are you free to be contacted. Color-coding makes it all transparent and easy to use, while seeing your co-worker’s face creates a sense of closeness and familiarity.

Ensure You Are Constantly Available and Provide Security for Your Business Activities

By knowing that others can be reached at any time and called for assistance, the engagement of every worker is increased since it motivates them to act in the same way.

#2. Zimbra software is designed to enable employee’s constant insight into business when they are in the company, but also when absent. Tasks are easily and rapidly distributed among employees, even during holidays or business trips. A constant access to the calendar, messages, contacts, and documents is enabled, making meetings and business activities impossible to forget or overlook. In addition to easier communication and sharing the required data, Zimbra guarantees the safety of your documents with Collaboration’s security standards and open source transparency.

Improve the Quality of Your Work through Exquisite Organization

It is widely familiar that good organization is half the work done. When you know what you are doing, where your team is in that picture and when your deadline has to be met, the efficiency increases by eliminating the time that would be consumed by trying to get organized.

#3. Trello is a virtual space where you see organization in a different light. Management of tasks and projects has been broken down to simple classification through color labeling, adding members to tasks, inserting comments and attaching files in a visually friendly manner. This software communicates with you through notifications which alert you about due tasks, but it also tells you about the actions of your co-workers if you are working on the same projects or share tasks.

Enable Knowledge Sharing

The purpose of human interaction and knowledge creation is not keeping information to ourselves, on the contrary, it is sharing them with others. When applied to a business setting, this is seen as distributing information through the organization and hence making the team stronger.

#4. In addition to being easy to use and cost-friendly, TallyFox makes knowledge more accessible to team members and other experts in the specific field of activity. There is an option of having and managing private voice & chat meetings or web conferences with other group members through a feature specially designed for this purpose.

The power and wealth lie in knowledge and with TallyFox knowledge is constantly available. Not only does it make your team stronger through simple connection and communication but it enables the users to learn and grow while being more effective, while at the same time it provides and guarantees safety to the projects.

Create More Time for Your Work by Bypassing the Use of E-Mail

As email has become more of a nuisance than a tool for getting the right information, you will improve your efficiency through software that can save you your precious time by getting the email out of the picture.

#5. Asana makes emailing history by its simplicity and efficiency. After logging in, you will no longer need to use the email.  This software will allow you to be in constant touch with your colleagues and business partners, as well as to share documents and keep track of not only your tasks, but the tasks of your co-workers. Being up-to date becomes easy and time-saving with this software.

Here is which benefits collaborative software can offer you, if you incorporate them accordingly into your business:  business improvement, team becoming more efficient and engaged, saving time, knowledge sharing, reaching higher and more collaborative work quality, safety of your business along with the constant availability of team members – all you have to do is choose.

Photo credit: Jennifer Leonard

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