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Maglamp: The Happiness Lamp with Wireless Charging

What is Maglamp for exactly? The Pica pica, also known as “magpie”, is an intelligent creature that has long existed in Chinese traditional culture as a symbol of happiness and good luck. A story goes that a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite two star-crossed lovers once a year, which gave birth to the Qixi Festival, or the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

With the bird as the main inspiration, HomeTree Tech launched the Maglamp.

HomeTree Maglamp Design Happiness Magpie Pica Portable Lights Wireless Qi Charging Birds Tree Inside Home

This minimalist lamp design is equipped with wireless charging and sensors. The “wooden” tree structure has an integrated charging base, with one wireless charging branch to save energy. It comes with two birds, which could be detached by the branch and attached on a magnetic base, and two eggs, which could be placed anywhere inside the house. The design of the lamp was for it to bring happiness inside a home. The placement of two magpies on branches might be a reference to the Chinese idiom “shuang xi lin men” translates to “two lucky events happening at the same time.”

Inspired by nature

The four objects that are part of Maglamp have built-in sensors, which could detect humans and sunlight. When the former is detected, the light would automatically turn on to illuminate the place and turn off when the person goes out of the room. If there is enough light in the place brought on by either natural or artificial light, the birds and eggs will turn off to conserve energy. It has a detection distance of about four meters and an angle of 110°, although it said “human body induction,” anything large enough and within the distance could probably trigger the sensor and turn on the lights.

HomeTree Maglamp Design Happiness Magpie Pica Portable Lights Wireless Qi Charging Birds Tree

There is no need for continuous charging despite the number of objects that could light up because it only takes 30 minutes for full charging. The tree base can also function as a storage compartment where you could place your phone, wallet, and other small stuff like coins and keys. If you’re curious about all features and the overall appeal of the product, feel free to check out our video below.

Almost enchanting gadgets

Where should you place the Maglamp? The sleek design allows it to be a good addition anywhere in the house. In Chinese culture, seeing a magpie is a sign that good fortune will come your way, the exact opposite in Western culture as seeing a black cat. Putting this into consideration, if you are superstitious enough, the magpies could be put in places where you would see them the most. The same idiom mentioned before, “shuang xi lin men,” is depicted in paintings as two magpies on a tree by the door. By placing the lamp by the door, you could be welcoming happiness into your home.

YouTube: Maglamp: The Happiness Lamp with Wireless Charging

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by HomeTree and were used with permission.

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