Herston: The Self-Balancing Designer Desk Lamp


If you’re one of us who still has a need for a desk lamp, be it for work, casual reading, or just to lighten up your home office space a bit and you want it to be truly special, continue reading this. We’re talking about Herston, a self-balancing desk lamp made out of natural materials.

What is Herston?

When you lay your first look at it, it might look just like any typical desk lamp. But don’t be fooled. The Herston Desk Lamp, the brainchild of former Dyson engineer Oliver Chambers and his partner Greta Chambers, is the first of its kind and its makers have more of such products in mind.

Oliver Chambers Greta Chambers
Greta Chambers and Oliver Chambers

Its innovative design camouflages and hides the unsightly conducting elements within the hand-crafted wood. This way it creates an uninterrupted, sculptural form without any kind of cables.

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It uses the latest LED technology to create a high quality, dimmable light. Yes, you read it right, you can even dim the light to suit your mood and/or needs. So you can use the lamp as both a bright, conventional task light and a more subdued mood light.

Buiding the Herston Lamp Process
Building the Herston lamp

The lamp’s counter-balance mechanism helps you adjust it to any position easily, with one smooth movement. It has leaf-shaped cast-iron weighs to help it stay balanced in whatever position you choose.

No more tightening the screws or making complicated adjustments! Just pull or push the lamp’s head and it stays in that position. You can also rotate the lamp smoothly with the help of its 360 degrees rotating base with hidden ball bearings.

Specs and dimensions

Herston Lamp Reading
Herston lamp in action

The Herston Desk Lamp uses a high performance LED light module that can last for at least 60,000 hours or over 27 years! That is if you use it on an average of six hours per day, which is what we believe most average users do. Need replacement? No problem. The creators of this lamp designed its head so that changing the module is easy to do. The light color is warm white (3000 Kelvin).

Speaking of colors, the lamp itself is available in Oak & Off-white or American Walnut & Black. As for its dimensions, they don’t differ much from the typical desk lamp. They’re 470x490x165mm, weighing 3.1 kg. The materials include powder-coated iron and aluminum castings with wooden arms and base and solid brass fittings.

You can get your very own Herston Desk Lamp on Kickstarter, for the early-bird price of £260-270, the Kickstarter price of £290-300. The lamps are also available in packs of two.

YouTube: The Herston Self balancing Desk Lamp by Herston

Photo credit: All used images are owned by Herston and have been provided to us for press usage.

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