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Charge Up To 4 Devices Simultaneously with CHARGIC

Keeping your devices charged is critical especially when you’re on the go. Having a safe, powerful, and compatible charger that you can use when you need it is a must. What is better than a charger that can charge 4 different devices all at the same time?

Navitas GaNFast Tech has developed a new charger that can do just that. Introducing the new USB-C GaN Charger, CHARGIC.

Four-in-one charging

CHARGIC offers a safe and fast charge that supports voltages between 110V and 240V.  Thanks to its three USB-C ports supporting PD protocols and its USB-A port, it’s possible to charge a big list of smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other mobile devices.


It’s adaptable to different connectors. All terminals connected to CHARGIC get stable power distribution and fast charge speeds, thanks to its Intelligent AI Power microcontroller unit. Its GaN technology means that it has a high-end chip for temperature control. You won’t need to worry about short-circuiting your devices or having load failures.

Portable and easy

CHARGIC is the ideal small portable item with space-saving design to avoid bringing any other bulky chargers and having wires tangled everywhere. This charger aims to provide easier charging for any gadget you have.


The practical and minimalist charger has passed all the pertinent security tests. This makes CHARGIC as the next-generation high-power charger capable of charging tablets and even Macbooks. Its capability of charging three laptops or four smartphones simultaneously will make your charging experience convenient and efficient.

CHARGIC is compatible with most gadgets and varies between 65w and 100w versions. Currently, the Kickstarter campaign for this charger has just ended, but you can still catch it at Indiegogo. As of this writing, you can pre-order the charger starting at $35.

YouTube: CHARGIC: A Tiny but Powerful Charger for up to 4 Devices

Photo credit: The images used are owned by Navitas GaNFast Tech and have been provided for press usage.
Source: Kickstarter / Indiegogo

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